Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sewing Round The Clock {Literally}

I have almost taken up permanent residence in the loft room, although I have yet to be found sleeping on the job!  This evening I am downstairs just before ten, as my back has given way and I'm currently sat with a hot water bottle and tablets!  I know I am on overdrive but I have a deadline to meet by the 2nd of June as a local charity is opening its space for local makers to display their wares and I will be the resident "bag lady" LOL.  So not only do I need stock for the pop up shop but I also need a supply of items for the online place too, crazy!

In amongst all the shop work, I also realised that my summer wardrobe was woefully inadequate and so far I have made myself two fully lined A-line skirts and a dress!  The dress is from the simplicity Lisette Range and the pattern comes with a short jacket which I have yet to road test.  I loved this dress so much that I think I will make it in a floral pattern for the wedding and pick out a contrasting colour for a plain jacket.

Pip finishes school tomorrow for a two week break, {I think she is relieved!}  so with a bit of luck a more normal family life pattern will evolve, with hopefully a few outings for us all.

Without further ado here are this week's makes:

 One Round Trip Dress, complete with waist and bust darts, a 22" invisible zip down the back and pleats on the skirt section.  I wore this when I took my friend Beatrice for morning coffee at The Midland Hotel last Friday.  I also had an appointment with the events manager regarding the wedding preparations and the room we have booked is just beautiful.

My go to a-line skirt pattern couresy of Amy Butler, this was made in a morning and the fabric has such a lovely name, "Peace Garden" and is a very soft cotton with a hint of linen.

 A Japanese Knot Bag ~ I have so far made four of these.  The pattern is a very simple design, but the making of the bag is quite fiddly as it is fully reversible.  As you can see, the longer handle threads through the shorter loop and the bag is securely closed.  This size of bag quite easily holds a small purse, keys, pen, small notebook and even a foldable umbrella!  You can hold it in your hand or hang it over your wrist.  These bags are also great for holding small sewing and knitting projects.

 My first ever commisioned piece as modelled by Gertrude!  Whilst I was finalising the details for the pop up shop on Monday, one of the ladies attending the bistro, announced that she was mad about owls and would I make her "An About Town Bag" using the colourful owl combo as seen above!  Instead of choosing a vibrant colour for the lining, I worked with the muted pink tones on one of the owls and chose a soft pink with tiny cream stars for the bag lining ~ it worked well.


  1. Your sewing is wonderful! I love the fabric for your skirt it is gorgeous.

    No wonder you have no time to sleep you have made so much!

  2. Forgot to ask is your shop up and running on line? Can I have a link?

    1. Dave is still working on the website, once it is up and running I will post a link here on the blog. Thanks for asking x

  3. Your sewing work is really lovely. We love the fabrics you chose, and the Japanese knot bag is very sweet and clever. It will be nice for you to see everything laid out on the table on June 2nd! Kudos, San. It's really great.


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