Monday, 12 May 2014

Seven Days ...

... and a bit more!  Saturday the 3rd was our chore day and film afternoon.  Whilst I tackled the inside the kids helped in the garden with weeding and mowing.  Part way through the task Benedict had a crashing hypo and so Pip stepped in to help out and she did a fab job:

On Sunday we had a visit from Debbie, Lewis and Jack and part way through their visit Kath arrived with Mary Grace.  Ours was a busy household that afternoon and I was glad when it was bedtime as I was completely shattered.  I did stay up slightly later than planned as I was desperate to finish Mary's summer jumper.  I left it out for her on the toy box and Kath said that she made a bee line for it when she came downstairs for breakfast!  After eating we made a trip to a supermarket I haven't used in years (Morrisons) and I was pleasantly surprised at the cost.  We had a coffee and juice treat in the cafe and that too was a bargain:

 Sharing Grandma's Cake.

 Big sis, little sis.

On Tuesday I tackled a new pattern and item for the shop, reversible headbands.  I have been wanting to have a go at these for sometime and not only have I sussed the making of them but I have made them in such a way that the material cover can be removed for washing {insert happy dance!}

 Multicoloured Floral/Green and White Polka Dot.

Sunbonnet Sue/Deep Pink Polka Dot for Pip, a little gift to cheer.

On Wednesday I finished making some more headbands and began work on another kids reversible tote.  I also have the possibility of displaying some of my work with other local people in a pop up shop which is very encouraging.  Dave is also working very hard behind the scenes on integrating a website/blog/e-commerce shop and it isn't straightforward by any means!

On Thursday I got sick again and spent the middle of the night hours dealing with abdominal pain, knitting proved to be a welcome distraction and I quietly enjoyed making some organic washcloths for the shop:

Despite having had very little sleep I did manage to honour some playdate arrangments for Benedict.  Sam came over in the morning and Lewis arrived after school and stopped for tea.  It was totally worth all the exhaustion to see Benedict's happy face all day.

I haven't been the only person busy making, Benedict has been working with Meccano this past week.  First he built a helicopter  that Tom's mum and dad had bought when we were at Threave and then he tackled a beautiful motorbike from Uncle Andrew and Aunty Catherine:

 The weekend rolled around once more and for a change we were actually away from the four walls!  Pip had a Rainbows trip on the Saturday and met with other Rainbow groups across the county:

Can you tell she is super excited?!!

Yesterday (Sunday) we travelled to Cumbria to see family.  It was my mum's birthday and my Dad very kindly cooked a lovely meal for us all.  After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon with Nanna and Grandad H.  I think all the working, house sorting and supervising a rough curriculum despite being unwell is catching up with me and I look permanently haggard!  I found this mug at Nanna H's and it cheered me during a very exhausting moment:

On the way home we were greeted with this sight:

The in car shot doesn't do it justice.  The rainbow hung in the air for a good fifteen minutes and the sheer brightness was breathtaking.  Dave told Pip that there must surely be a crock of gold at the end of that rainbow!

God is Good!  Be Blessed x 


  1. Wow you are so busy! Your headbands look wonderful, I love the one you have made for Pip that material is gorgeous :). I hope your abdominal pains are short lived. I haven't forgotten about the patterns just need to find the time to copy them and post!

    1. Thanks you are too kind :-) x

  2. What a neat idea to be able to wash the headbands. Great job, Pip and Benedict. Flora has never pushed a lawnmower. And those beautiful rainbows, so pretty. What is a rainbow group?

    1. Rainbows is pre brownies which is essentially the girls arm of the scouting movement.

    2. I see, here they are called girl scout brownies, but I think you have to be in first grade to become a member. I don't think there is anything before that.

  3. You should tell Sarah about those headbands. She would love them!

    1. I had wondered about advertising on her blog, she certainly gets a load if traffic! X

    2. And she really adores headbands.

    3. You will then maybe want to open an American distribution center.

  4. Hello San, The headbands are lovely! Have you considered doing an Etsy shop? I can't remember if you talked about that . . . It's nice to check in with you again. I hope you are getting more rest now. It's very difficult going without sleep. These past few nights have been better for me. Jack is still hanging in there. He still has a good appetite, though he looks a bit pathetic.

    Benedict's motorcycle is fabulous! Nice work! And kudos to Pip for helping out with the lawn. Happy Birthday to your Mom and the rainbow has surely dumped a bucket of gold into your hearts (Mary Grace's smile made my morning).


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