Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Aphabet Trail

We have been slowly easing back in to a "school" routine.  Pip is following the alphabet path courtesy of Elizabeth Foss and I am finally using the Waldorf Curriculum from Live Ed that was bought late last year!  We are also supplementing from various web sites, as well as text books and work sheets for Benedict.

It's been interesting working with the two of them and Pip has been providing some healthy competition for Benedict!  Her oft repeated phrase is "Right, what's next" and that means I have to be very organised, which I don't mind as my efforts are appreciated.  Here are some pictures of Wednesday's learning with Pip:

 Apple pie. angels and the letter A.

 A colouring sheet whilst waiting for the pie to cook.

A dot-to-dot apple.

 Letter recognition and following instructions.

 A favourite Angelina story.

Sequencing and ordering.
On Friday  Pip completed a handwriting sheet on the letter a, she traced over the letter and then practised writing on her own.  We talked about various things beginning with this letter such as, apple, astronaut, ant, antelope, apricot, acrobat and ape.

  We found an abc of virtues from this site and today's sheet was entitled, "always ask", quite pertinent since items around the house are often moved and "borrowed" without asking.  We pinned our creations to the fridge door.

After lunch we played the "put the apples on the tree game" which necessitated number recognition and counting up to ten.  It was a hit.  Our treat was a "how things work, simple science" you tube programme. 

Pip's colouring.
Today we played the bus stop game, which is a great way of reinforcing counting and familiarising oneself with mathematical symbols phrases:
After lunch we read from the creation story in particular "The first day."  Benedict devised his own interpretation of the story and Pip worked on her own craft activity:
 A day and night wheel.

We also listened to the BBC proms family matinee "We're going on a bear hunt" and both Dave and Pip really got into the groove!

Here's hoping and praying for another productive week ahead.



  1. I loved reading this post San - gathering ideas for Freddie, from what you're doing with Pip :) Will be visiting the ABCs of virtue site, looks great! Have just had a pile of workbooks delivered for Henry (will probably do for a couple of years!) so will be easing ourselves into it in the next few weeks. Eek! With love & blessings to you xx

  2. It's such a nice feeling going to sleep after days like this. You're creating wonderful family days of learning together. It's a gift they will take with them into adulthood. I also work with the Live Ed. I'm quite slow about it! We often get side tracked with lessons from the suggested readings. Other times I find it difficult to put a lesson together . . if I can't find all the proper items (i.e. the physics lessons). But I keep trying . . :)


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