Monday, 2 September 2013

Cumberland Pencil Museum

We visited this place today.  It was just over an hour's drive from where we live and although it was a grey day, the surrounding scenery  including  this mountain looked spectacular.  Here are some snapshots of our visit:

 An old fashioned van.
 Mining for graphite.
 Engrossed in a quiz.
 Trying out the different watercolour pencils.
 Before the advent of colour it was a case of do-it-yourself!
 Photographs in black and white and then with a hint of colour.
 Info on the British Colour Council can be found here
 Pigment Samples.
 Working with a "friend."
 An elephant shaped pencil tip.
 Tower Bridge made entirely from pencils.
Despite the museum being quite small, there was plenty to keep folk occupied and we were there for two hours in all, which was great value for money.  As a treat I bought some of the Aquatone watercolour sticks and a watercolour pad for Benedict and Pip.


  1. That's neat! Did you buy pencils?

    1. Yes we bought some water colour sticks that you can use as a pencil or wipe over with a wet brush to blend. B's second day of creation picture was made using these sticks.

  2. Hello San! What a fun trip. We like working with pencils for nature sketches and lesson books. I'd like to get some new ones from Denmark . . I forget what the name of the brand is. These look lovely. I like the water colour sticks. They blend so nicely.


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