Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Art and Ten Apples Up On Top

We've had another productive day at home.  I'm so far managing to keep both Benedict and Pip on task, with a variety of independent activities intertwined with those requiring input from me.  Today:

Benedict made lunch (carrot, lentil and chilli soup), worked on the re-ordering of his spellings in dictionary format, wrote about his trip to the pencil museum, finished reading "The Prisoner of Azkaban", narrated and illustrated "The Second Day of Creation." 

The Second Day.
Pip  worked on her phonics sounds and  coloured in the animal cut outs from Ten Apples Up On Top story.  She had fun deciding which animal was going to "wear" the most fruit!

After lunch, Pip wrote about her day at the museum and drew a picture of what she saw.  She played the "apples on the tree game", completed a farm jigsaw, played number dominoes and matching words and pictures.  The cut out piece at the bottom of the picture assisted with the word recognition and this was re-enforced with listening and looking for the letter sounds at the start of each word.  Her free time session was playing around with the new water colour pencils and observing the effect of mixing colours.
Farm jigsaw and words and pictures game.

Ten Apples Up On Top.


  1. Great picture, Benedict! I really like the colors.

  2. Lovely water colour! One of the first sort of pencils I bought for the boys (often pinched for my own use, he he) Hope you enjoyed the soup Benedict made, how lovely. I'm looking forward to having the little ones make meals soon - I grew up not being allowed to lift a finger, and it took me a long time to learn these household tasks once I was out in the world...bless my lovely parents! xxx


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