Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Fun

We rounded off the week with another productive fun day.  The day started off as usual with the phonics, number work and letter formation for Pip; Benedict worked on speed trials and a colour by numbers sheet for his time tables.  At snack time I read the first chapter from "The Big Six" by Arthur Ransome whilst the children listened and coloured.

After snack we then worked on a review of yesterday's faith lesson followed by a discussion on how we could grow in faith.  It was decided that our  task for the remainder of this month would be  to read our bibles daily as a means of growing in faith.  Pip chose the story of Noah and as a result felt so inspired to draw her own picture of the ark complete with animals "two by two."  By now it was drawing near to midday, so we stopped working temporarily to say The Angelus.

Whilst the soup was still cooking on the stove (thanks Dave!) we just had time to tackle a quick apple experiment and work out which of the following liquids would stop an apple browning: water, milk, soda and lemon juice.  Benedict of course new the answer but played along and after a twenty minute wait it became clear that, the lemon juice slowed down the oxidisation process.



  Just for Benedict's and mine benefit, Dave gave a further more detailed explanation regarding oxidisation, only for the life of me I cannot remember fully what it was!!  I'm blaming the brain fag on the end of day shut down and not my age!

After lunch we made a trolley dash around Lidl and as a treat I bought the children a magazine and a small chocolate treat for all their hard work this week.  This is the first night I haven't had to sit and organise paperwork and planning for the following day, yippee!  I'm off now to sit with my knitting and a warm cup of tea.


  1. Great you got the Angelus said. Now tell me, is that the German "Lidl"?

    1. Yes it is and that are fantastic for budget shopping!

    2. That is funny. I only know them from southern Germany.

  2. Hello San,

    I need to get my days organized now. We've been "decluttering . . " (sigh) I can be just dreadful at organizing. Your days sound busy and fun. I hope all is going well.

    What is Lidl? A grocery store?

    I can never remember those "scientific" explanations and always need to write them down . .

    It's so nice that you are reading a book together. _The Big Six_ was one of our favorites. The last book we finished was _Ocean Born Mary_ by Lois Lenski out on Montauk in August. I keep meaning to do a book recommendation post . . but I haven't budgeted the time in! Ha! I'm thinking we should start a weekly craft hour and listen to _Little Women_ by Louisa May Alcott. They've both read it already . . I just feel like reading it again and we have it on CD. Well, I better go finish my "organizing" and then get some sleep! We've been thinking of you :)

    Love from all of us,
    Dorina . .

    1. Yes, it is a grocery store, a bit like Aldi.


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