Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sports Reach

Benedict took part in a soccer camp this week organised by these folks.  He attended Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6 pm until 9 pm.  We shared the driving and diabetes supervision with our dear friend Peter John.  He has agreed to be an honorary uncle to the kids and in particular a mentor and friend to Benedict. As Benedict is growing up I can see that he needs other male influences outside of the home environment and PJ fits the bill.

Today Benedict took part in the soccer warm ups in the morning and the world cup matches this afternoon:

Listening Hard.

Blocking a goal.
Pip watching with Peter John.
"Pip this is football not rugby!!"
Pip overjoyed to see Jan one of the preschool leaders, it was huge hugs and smiles all round!
Barbecue Buns.  These were most welcomed, especially by Benedict since he was having his fifth hypo of the afternoon and by this point was feeling thoroughly ghastly!
Glorious Grub on A Fab Fun Day.


  1. Amazing that he could participate, in spite of his medical problems. He must have felt very proud afterwards. Did Pip also play?

    1. Pip was too young but she was desperate to get on the field and join in!

    2. Would there be a girls' team for her?

    3. She can join the sports reach camp when she is six and I think there is a local mixed team too.


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