Friday, 2 August 2013

Bolton Abbey

It was a rare occasion that just me, Dave and Pip ventured forth on a journey and our destination was this place.  I had wanted to visit here for some time and we were not disappointed:

Eating an all important ice lolly at the start of our journey ~ it was a baking hot day!
Beautiful Scenery.

Stopping for a rest.

This place looks interesting ...
... a deer and a ...
... a dog and ...
... a rustic looking bird house.
The wood carving business is known as Flying Shavings and it was lovely to see the site nestled discreetly in the scenery.  Once we reached the end of the track we found a shady place to stop and have our picnic:
Pip collected a Pip sized fallen branch that made an ideal walking stick. We remembered the story told to us by our dear friend Peter John and the woodcutter in the Welsh forest who carved walking sticks for those in need.  Once we arrived back at the visitor centre Pip had her much promised bounce on the bouncy castle and I took in the magnificent views:

A happy day was had by one and all!

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