Wednesday, 21 August 2013


With all the chaos of these past few weeks, I failed to document some important milestones within the family, but working on the premise "better late than never", a worthy achievement was reached and duly recognised on Friday July 12th this year.

Sara was awarded First Prize and The Milburn Cup in recognition as an outstanding student.  We thought the prize was in relation to the horticulture department, but in fact it was against all the other graduating students in her year, across all the departments!  Without a doubt it was well deserved as she gained distinction grades in all her assignments and modules throughout the two year course, her final mark was a triple distinction star, which amounts to three grade A* at A'level.  These marks have assured her a place at Sheffield University to study Landscape Architecture.

This was her official photograph as posted on the college website.
This past week both Sara and I have been planning a student budget, hunting out the best places to shop and road testing student grub!  All delicious I might add and definitely within a budget, our favourite economy gastronomy site that is non student based, but a true inspiration is this place.


  1. What an achievement! A huge well done to her.

  2. Huge Congratulations to Sara and hope she enjoys being a student in Sheffield.

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

  4. Well done to Sara, what a huge achievement! She looks like a very confident and happy young lady; and how blessed she is to have a mum like you San. I hope you enjoy the uni prep together xx

  5. What a great accomplishment! Congratulations to Sara and the whole family.

  6. To Sara:

    I know a wonderful landscape/garden architect in Vancouver, BC. I spent quite a bit time with him looking at gardens he was designing. That was in 1987! I am good friends with his mother. Here is his website. Maybe he takes interns? He is a lovely person to work with.

    1. Thanks Sara actually wants to undertake a summer placement in Canada so i will show her the website.

  7. Congratulations to Sara, what a great achievement. x

  8. Oh wow, San! That's wonderful!! Please tell Sara congratulations!!! All of you must be so pleased :) Of course Sara especially. Pleased as punch :) It's great! I look forward to hearing more about her studies. Going to Canada would be fun.


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