Friday, 15 June 2012


We spent the morning with Kathryn and Steve in their new home, they are now official home owners.  Kath cooked a lovely lunch of garlic wedges, mixed salad, meat and cheese platter and a luscious Victoria sponge.

Yep, a woman's work is never done!

Opening birthday presents in the lounge.

Pip eating at her own special table.

Yummy cakes and a view from the dining area leading off from the kitchen.

Luscious and light and filled with buttercream and blackcurrant conserve.

Main Bedroom.

Spare bedroom, currently full of Kathryn's stuff!


The house truly is lovely and is a far cry from mine and Dave's first house, which had less than desirable carpets and all of our furniture was cast offs from family and friends!!  Happy Days!!

Since the kids were full of cake and energy we popped in at the Dock Museum.  We had a quick look at the exhibits whilst waiting for Dave's mum to arrive.  Bless her she was a real sport, abandoning her fish pie making for an impromptu visit with us all:

Pip smelling the roses.

Pip climbing on a sandstone structure representing part of the Abbey which, sadly was part of the disolution of the monestaries ordered by Henry VIII in the Sixteenth Century.  Many buildings in the area are made of this particular red rock.
(DH note: Permo-Triasic sandstone)

Burning off energy in the playground.

Mum and I having a five minute catch up.

Soon it was time to make another set of goodbyes and hit the road home.  True to form Pip's eyes closed once on the open road, we had an hour and half journey ahead of us at the wrong time of day!  Hmm, what to do? 

Twenty minutes into our journey we stopped off here for the kids and they were not the only one's letting off steam:

Haverthwaite Railway saved the day!
(DH note: the driver is DH's former science and maths teacher!)

There was plenty to see and do as the kids got to try out the newly made chidren's playground:

An all round success!

We arrived home just in time for an easy tea of beans and toast.  A question though:  How come the house looked like a bomb site within twenty minutes of arriving home?  Yep, a parents work is never done!


  1. Aw! You're right what a lovely first home, mine certainly didn't look like that either!

    I have such fond memories of Haverthwaithe Station, we took a holiday in the lakes when I was just a few weeks pregnant with the smallest. The Tallest turned two when we were up there and we had a day out without the camper, so bused and boated ourselves to the railway for her birthday treat, we had such a lovely time...we missed the last bus back home though, so we finished off with a taxi too!

    Love Lorna xx

  2. What a lovely home! I am married 28 years and mine still isn't that nice, lol. That cake looks so delicious. Seems like a lovely visit.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is a lovely home! (And mine still isn't that nice either haha.) What a lovely trip.

    And laughing at the twenty minutes, it takes mine about that to wreck our house too.

  4. Looks like you had a great time. We spent many happy times at the Haverthwaite railway, lovely memories. Yes, I had to giggle at the house being a mess after 20 mins, know what that's like!!

  5. Kathryn's house looks lovely, hope you have had a great week, we have missed you. Looking forward to catching up soon.

  6. wow! what a day! you must have fallen asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow :) your friend's home is beautiful. it's also a far cry from our first home!! (oh my . . !) and that sponge cake looks fabulous! my mouth is watering. so glad you got to spend some time with your mum.

    ahhh . . the sweet messiness of little ones . . (the smelly messiness of big ones! oh dear . . sometimes my oldest lets her room go too long :O)


    1. Should've explained that Kathryn is in fact one of our older daughters!!



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