Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Building and Birthday-ing

Two posts are long overdue, one is the result of the banging and crashing that occured back in April, which then resulted in a special event a week ago:

Delivery Time.

Digging Trenches.

Building Walls.

Preparation work before laying the concrete floor.

First fit exterior brickwork complete.

Piecing together a very large 3-D puzzle.

Looking Good.

Knocking down the lounge wall!

Laying the side patio.

Conservatory guys on their last day.

Dave the brickie providing musical entertainment on a tea break.

Sharing a joke!  These guys were just lovely to have around.

Our friend Martin plastering the interior.

Waiting for the plaster to dry.

Dave enjoyed putting his mark on the project, a pale grey finish.

Finally finished.  Our neighbour did the joinery and floor and a couple of other guys did the electrics and heating (rad to follow).  Here we are celebrating a very special birthday boy on his ninth year round the sun.

The party was held two days before his actual birthday which was on Monday.  Would you believe it I took no photos that day, I was just too worn out from all the party prep! 

Now that the dining room is off the lounge, our front room is now solely a play room/ learning zone.  It makes the end of the day tidy up so much easier and most importantly is no longer a tripping hazard for Dave.  A win-win situation for sure!


  1. Happy, happy birthday, dear Benedict! What a lovely new edition to your house. It probably will become your favorite spot in the house soon.

    We will also have some trench digging done, but only to find out why our basement always get flooded when it rains. Nothing really exciting, but oh, so necessary!

  2. Many happy returns to Benedict! The conservatory looks great, I'm just waiting for the inspiration to get our home built room finished, perhaps when Hubby isn't working 14 hour days we might achieve it lol! Xx

  3. Happy Birthday Benedict. Yes, the conservatory looks fantastic, it must make a huge difference. We would love to have one, but, are worried about the wind! xxxxx

  4. The Conservatory looks fantastic, I'm very jealous. I'm sure you will enjoy lots of happy time in there.

  5. Just clicking over from your recent comments to say hello! You have a beautiful family, and happy belated birthday to your son! God bless!!


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