Saturday, 23 June 2012

Seven Days :: Snapshot Blessings

On Monday we should have been here Eureka but it was closed, so we tried here Jodrell Bank but the arboretum and kids play area was shut due to drainage work, so instead we made our way here Brockhole and a great time was had by all:

Lovely Views.

A Monkey Puzzle Tree.

Fun on the adventure playgound.

Follow the leader.

Enjoying the curly wurly slide.

We walked down to the lake and sat on the jetty.

We admired the flowers in the beautiful gardens...

... and walked past the terrace to meet Dad in the cafe.

On the way home I picked up a bargain in one of the local outdoor wear shops, a packable, lightweight yet breathable waterproof for me, for £19.00, it should have been £35.00.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Pip was at Debbies so Benedict continued with our desk work on Maths, Narration, Copy Work and Illustration, Independent Reading and on line Maths from the Carol Vorderman site.  He also attended his swimming lesson on Tuesday and Cubs on Wednesday.

On Thursday we had Pip's Fairy Party.  As you may know Pip's birthday is on the 23rd December and it can be pure overload celebrating a birthday and Christmas within days of each other.  We don't go overboard with gifts, but even so it can be daunting.  Pip has also been very aware of the concept of parties this year, so it seemed only fair to arrange a mid year celebration.  On mid summer eve she left out her fairy next to the castle in Benedict's room and woke to find a special gift:

This lovely book tells the story of Katie Morag always wondering when her birthday will be next as she celebrates a year of birthdays with her family and friends.  My Mum and Dad also made a special effort to be with us and their gift to Pip was some lovely fairy wings and a magic wand, so sweet and so thoughtful:

We had Fairy Cakes, of course!

Crispy Garlic Wedges with mixed salad, feta cheese and tuna mayo.

Like Father, Like Daughter.

All finished and ready to serve.

Tucking In.

Pip enjoying a cuddle with Nanna.

Sara and Grandad enjoying a chat.

I have nearly finished our end of year home report, thankfully it has been less stressful this year, since I have been working on it throughout the course of the year.  Benedict is making good progress in all areas but Maths still is the weaker subject.  He definitely benefits by using the maths manipulatives and the Montessori Stamp Game came in very useful this week:


 We've also had a break through in telling the time and quite rightly so, he is very chuffed with this new found skill.

It is good to see the two of them have moments of pure genius and this is what transpired when they were left to their own devices one afternoon earlier in the week:

Back View.

Front View.
Yes, Benedict is riding the motorbike he had when he was two and is providing a rickshaw service for Pip in the trailer tot!

  Sadly, this is the only use the trailer has had in over a year.  Combined health issues and disability makes it near on impossible for Dave or I to be involved with "normal everday things" that, so many folks take for granted.  Despite our limitations we do try to provide fun activities for the kids and if I'm ever in doubt of this, I only need look back over this blog as proof that we are doing OK.

On Friday via live stream on the internet, we watched the Olympic Torch Relay pass through our area.  The weather was absolutely appalling with gale force winds and torrential rain.  Despite that, the British spirit was not thwarted as everyone was determined to make the best of it.  We also visited our friends in Shap.  They had been blessed with good weather and had been involved in a midsummer camp, not far from here with other home edders.

Today we braved the winds and made a trip to the library and a toy shop for Benedict to spend some of his birthday money.  He bought a play mobile mini turret and knights.  For Pip I treated her to a tap - a - shape set, complete with cork board, mini hammer, wooden shapes and pins.  As I suspected it proved to be a hit.


  1. ha ha :) i think the whole week was a "hit."

    oh san, you're such a smart and thoughtful and fun mama. Pip's birthday was just the best. the cupcakes look delicious, and i love the pic of you and your dad in the kitchen. and congratulations for keeping up with your paperwork. that is a huge accomplishment, as i well know! and it sounds like such a busy week, too. the pics of brockhole made me sigh . . it looks so idyllic.

    it's good you watched the torch relay: so exciting and emotional! the weather made it even more dramatic! hurrah for the english spirit!

    i must go and do a load of laundry now . .

    hugs to you all,

  2. Wow, what a fantastic week you have had. Sorry you could not visit Eureka, we will have to visit together at some point if you could bear that!

  3. What lovely family pictures. I love the Katy Morag stories, especially as they are about living on the Scottish Islands. What a shame you are having such terrible weather, but you are making the best of it. The cakes look delicious, how blessed your children are to have such a loving, caring thoughtful mum, God Bless, Sister Julie xx

  4. You certainly are doing just fine! :)


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