Thursday, 7 June 2012


We enjoyed watching the television coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and in amongst it all I celebrated my 45th Birthday!  It's not often one gets to share a celebration with a reigning monarch!

Making scones for the birthday tea.

My dear friend Dorothea called with a card and a beautiful inspiring poster entitled "With Love" by Susanna Michaelis

Some of us had lentil and cheese wedge, garlic potatoes, hoummous, mixed salad and coleslaw for lunch. I had the histamine friendly version which consisted of the potatoes and salad!

 Tucking In!  Benedict dressed for the occasion wearing his Jubilee Crown!

For afternoon tea we had  scones with butter and blackcurrant conserve, followed by a delcicious birthday cake courtesy of Sara and Benedict.  One half was made the night before and on the morning of my birthday, I awoke to the smells of baking wafting through the house!  Sara had risen even earlier than usual, to finish the gift.  Her normal waking time for college is 5:30am, so goodness knows what time she rose!

The sun even managed to shine for a brief spell... although we  haven't seen much of it since!!  It rained on Sunday for the Jubilee Pageant along the Thames, it was very cold but sunny on Monday and grey skies and rain have  been the order of the day ever since, *grizzle*  It was so cold this morning we even had the heating on for a brief spell!

Even though it is a mid term break in these parts, we've continued with home school.  Benedict has worked incredibly hard, so hard that both him and I are shattered at the end of the day.  His bedtimes have dropped from 9pm down to 8pm!!  We've found a really great maths resource, from Carol Vorderman and her site:

Benedict completed three online assessments yesterday and worked through a lesson and skills check today.  We finished our narration on "Lief The Lucky" and our next living history book is "Medieval Tales."  We are making good progress with our church lap book and Benedict is working steadily through his first communion and sacrament of penance preparation.  I'm really hoping that we've found our home school groove, it would be nice to have some solid consistency for a change!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, San! Can you hear me, I'm shouting it across the Atlantic! So you are just a year older than I am! How does it feel to turn 45! You look young as ever!

    Sorry, I missed the original date! I have too many things to attend to theses days! By the way, Peter also watched part of the Queen's celebrations. Here, in the U.S., nobody probably knows about this.

    Great cake and treats! You have a wonderful family!

    Lots of love and many birthday hugs!

  2. happy birthday, san! i'm glad it was such a wonderful day . . and i hope the sun comes out again soon for you!

    it is true, we had no idea about the jubilee! well, at least i didn't :P

    congratulations on the consistent homeschool work. i know that is not easy. we've been off our main lesson, though still continuing with poetry, recitations, and workbooks.

    be well :) hugs, dorina.

  3. Many congratulations for your birthday xxxx you look like you've been keeping very busy as usual. Hold on to hat in all this wind :) Lorna xx

  4. Happy Birthday San! Sounds like you had a great time xx

  5. Goodness you are looking so young and pretty! xxx

  6. Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes x

  7. Happy Birthday, San! You are just so lovely.


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