Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Message For Eva

Blogger is playing silly beggars and will not let me post a comment on your blog!

  Loved the Rainbow Days post and congratulations on the blog awards!

Wishing you a good weekend

San xx


  1. This is funny, San! Blogger is crazy sometimes, I get frustrated with them once in a while also. Thanks for the nice words. Now we share the same award (thanks to Dorina). I will comment on your last blog post soon, enjoyed it a lot, but haven't had time to comment anywhere very much recently. Our house is a mess right now, good we don't have any visitors coming. Just got back from our kite flying time. We didn't have very much wind, but we managed to fly them. Have a wonderful weekend also!

    1. We've had a biting north easterly wind since yesterday. maybe I should have sent some of it your way! Glad you still managed to fly the kites.

      San oxox

  2. hello you two! chanda and i just finished cleaning our house as we have a guest coming to stay for sunday and monday nights! i'm finally working out the kinks to the new interface, so find it a little amusing that you couldn't post on eva's blog, san! i hope all works out and you both have a lovely weekend :) xoxo

    1. Shame we weren't online at the same time we could have done a skype based net meeting, complete with tea and cakes!

      Hope you have a lovely time with your visitor, well done to Chanda for helping with the house clean, she definitely needs a tea and cake stop with Mum for all her hard earned efforts!

      xoxo :-)


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