Sunday, 1 April 2012

Blog Award

 Dorrina sent me this award.  This is the third time I've been kindly recognised in such a way, both Eva and Shirley Ann recommended me for similar awards but due to health hassles I never did get round to following it through.  The rules of acceptance are to link to back to the original awarder, post the link picture on the blog and award five nominees who have a blog following of less than 200. 

Since  my friends linked above have already recieved this award then my nominees are as follows:

   Sarah  writes with such honesty about authentic parenting, the joys and the woes as she works with her husband Martin in raising four gorgeous, loving, spirit filled girls.  Her place is always a hive of business whether it be nature walks, cake making or crafting.  She is one of my friends from the Green Parent forum and has supported me countless times through prayer and loving words.

Carly  another Green Parent gal is commited to sustainable living and she can often be found in the veg patch, tending to an ever increasing menagerie, chasing after her two lovely boys or catching five minutes peace with a knitting needles in hand.  She has a great love for God which is captured in her words and images.

Lorna  I found this gal via the self-sufficientish web site and like Carly she too is commited as far as possible to going against the flow with make do and mend, sustainable living, beautiful crafting including some great activites with her her two littlies and all against a backdrop of varying health issues.  She has a positive spirit and I always find encouragment to "carry on fighting" when I read her blog. 

Susie  If you ever want a happy place to visit then stop off here!  Hannah's smile is truly infectious and no matter what kind of day I've had, visiting Susie and her lovely little girl always makes me smile.

Hannah  Last but by no means least visit this talented gal if you're looking for craft ideas, sumptious baking and musings on life and motherhood.  Until recently she was a home schooling mama and is now lovingly supporting her young son in his decision to try school.  So if you're also  looking for home ed related links you'll find them in her archives.

So that's me done!  I've had fun putting this together, so thanks Dorrina for including me in your list.

PS If you want to see how those handknits looked on baby Posy then check Sarah out here and you'll see her gorgeous daughter wearing them very well indeed:

Blessings to you on Palm Sunday.


  1. hello san! the pics of posy in your handknits are beautiful! both compliment each other so sumptuously :)

    i look forward to reading your friends' blogs. it's a balm in this very busy world to find such warm and loving families.

  2. Thanks for saying such lovely things! I'm going to check out the other people you mentioned - they all sound right up my street :o)

  3. Congratulations on the (fully deserved) blog award hunny, I shall certainly visit those blogs you mention :)

  4. Aw thanks, that is so sweet of you. xx


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