Monday, 9 April 2012

Seven days :: Snapshot Blessings :: Easter Fun

Happy Easter ... Hallelujah, He Is Risen!

We finally have a new laptop so normal blogging service should resume!  I'm joining in with Jacqui and here are our snap shot blessings from the past seven days:

Pip making faces with Jen.

Pip with J.

Swinging High.

Sharing a hug with a lovely friend.

The photographic proof of a crazy afternoon with three boys!  Mum if you're  reading this I actually managed to keep my cool!!

Crazy Dude mini greenhouse building.

Seed Sowing.

Sara endured horrendous sea sickness bringing these home from the Outer Hebrides!

Making Chocolate Easter Nests.

Easter Sunday lunch and sharing a joke with Uncle Bernard.

Easter Nests.

Opening Easter presents from Uncle Bernard, books for Benedict and craft items for Pip.

Pasche Egg Rolling.

Easter Bread for Afternoon Tea.

Cowboy Grandad.

Pip sharing a story with Uncle Bernard.

Phew!  We really did have a busy week no wonder I'm more tired than ususal today! 

We are caravan moving tomorrow, Dave's milling machine arrives on Wednesday and the builders move in on Thursday!  It's going to be an interesting few weeks!!


  1. Hallelujah, He Is Risen Indeed! Happy Easter, mama.

    Is that string B is winding your living room in?? Well done for staying calm.

    And hoping all goes smoothly for you this week. xxx

  2. just found your blog and it looks like a lovely place to pop in a see! what a lovely 7 days xx

  3. Happy Easter! Ha ha we had a similar wool incident in the living room recently...I also kept my cool, it looked quite pretty actually lol! Anything rainbow coloured (as the wool was) cheers me up, think Henry knows this :) Hope everything goes well with the builders!
    Love Carly xx

  4. happy easter, san. what a wonderfully busy week! the outer hebrides must have been beautiful. good luck with the milling machine and the builders. keep us posted as to all the changes :)

  5. How long did it take you to clean up the "string room"? I think I would have gotten angry.

    What are you building?


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