Monday, 7 May 2012

"If I Only Had A Brain..."

We visited here : Wray Scarecrow Festival on Friday with our home school friends from up North.  The over arching theme was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the  2012 Olympics, with the odd jibe at the government cuts, a nod to Charles Dickens and a link to the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witches, including 40 years of Meg and Mog.

Here are some pictures from the day. All on my smart phone I hasten to add, no way was I going to lumber a DSLR with me AND be responsible for "Light Foot Lottie" AKA Miss PJ !

  "I think we are amused!"

The Queen's Jubilee Barge... HMS Recession!

A Long Jumper!!

Over The Garden Wall.

Fagin's Corner.


Fred Dibnah, photo for Dad!

Cute Scarecrow Family.

Meg and Mog

This last one was mine and Pip's favourite and there was also a chance to snap a shot of you wearing one of the witches' hats:

Little Miss PJ looking quite fetching with the black and grey hair extensions.

We had an ice-cream stop outside the Post Office and the sit down was most welcome.  There was silence in the car on the way home from the kiddoes... they were absolutely worn out, bliss!


  1. Looks like great fun, we also had our scarecrow festival in our village at the weekend, although foolishly I didn't take any snaps to share :( Pre occupied with keeping the troops in line - as well you know!

    Lorna xx

  2. Thanks for posting these San...looks like a great day out! We have a scarecrow competition in the village for Jubilee week, the theme is Royalty or the Olympics, so I can use some of these ideas, if we decide to enter (might be packing though!). Lovely witchie photo of your little miss PJ! xxx

  3. She looks SO cute in her little hat!!! Looks like a fab day :)


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