Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday at The MOSI

Today we visited this place:

Benedict was completely blown away by the vast array of steam powered engines and other related exhibits in the Power Hall.  It was such a joy to see him enthusing about the place, I lost count the number of times the word "WOW" was used!  Pip was a little bit more reserved in her estimation of the place declaring it all to be, "very interesting!"  We took our own food but still managed to stop twice in the museum cafe... Dave desperately needed a sit down and Benedict had three hypos during our three hour visit!!  Amazingly we also met with another home ed family local to us, telephone numbers were exchanged and I'm hoping to arrange a visit later this week.  Pics from the day are as follows:

First pit stop of the day.

 We were handed a swipe card upon entering the Great Western Warehouse which enabled us to take part in a rotating gallery of pictures of visitors to the museum:

 Benedict waving at the camera!

A Montage of Faces.

Pip pulling a funny face.

 Me feeling slightly self conscious!

 My Happy Chap.

Our next port of call was the Power Hall.  Benedict and Dave were in their element, I must admit even I was impressed!

A Water Wheel in Action.

Twirling, Whirling Bits and Bobs.

Engines new and ...

...  old.

We had lunch in the mezzanine above the Air and Space Hall.  I did have to explain to Benedict why swirling around in a flight simulator would not be such a good thing given the combined health of family members and the fact that, we'd just eaten lunch!!  He took the news with good grace, phew!


View from outside the Air and Space Exhibition.

Our final stop for the day was back in the Great Western Hall.  Pip had been pestering to see this "big yellow thing" and it was only when she pointed on the leaflet we new exactly where she wanted to be... the hands on experience centre on the first floor.  We shared the space with lively year seven kids from a local high school but Benedict and Pip took it all in their stride:

 Playing with magnets.

 Learning about earthquakes and...

 ... the devastation they bring.

 Viscosity of Liquids.

 Optical Illusions.

 Our final tea stop for the day and treating hypo number three, sigh!

We adults thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the kids...?

... I think these shots speak volumes, don't you?


  1. Everybody looks happy! It's probably a boy/girl thing, the interest I mean. I'm so glad you could enjoy the day inspite of hypos! Sometimes I wish we lived closer to museums.

  2. wow! yes, what a great place . . i can see how it might be a bit overwhelming for pip . . but i think her comment was very astute! i hope healthy issues even out :)

  3. It looks like you had a really fun day and the museum looks worth a visit - I have never been but C went once for the Doctor Who exhibition.


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