Thursday, 8 March 2012

A surprise Telephone Call

I had a lovely chat with my blogging friend over on here:

Jacqui was very surprised to hear my voice at the end of the line!  Considering she really is way up North there was no crackling and the conversation was very clear... the wonders of technology and broadband cables!

Sara our youngest of the oldest brood is hoping to make a journey to the croft before too long and if you're nosy and want to see just where she'll be then hop over to Jacqui's and admire the view!

We are still on a learn as you go home school curriculum at the moment.  Benedict's blood sugars went crazy in the night and I was one tired mama again, struggling to keep awake!  They were also totally crazy first thing and when he's running high like that, I have to admit defeat and abandon any check lists!  Contrary to the planned learning he helped Dave plant asparagus and rhubarb crowns, put the seed potatoes in the workshop for chitting, re-designed his star wars space ship for the umpteenth time and chatted to the hairdresser Sam about the said model.

We had turkey and veg coconut and lime curry for tea courtesy of Lloyd Grossman!  Accompanied with rice and poppadoms.  He has just finished watching the last episode of Maps: Power, Plunder and Possession and we are now about to embark on the wooden hill to bed! 


  1. Ah time to catch up San! Thanks for the lovely comment you left for me, it sure takes time reading and catching up doesn't it?! Just popped some locks on the gates, so shouldn't see any escaping ducks (I hope!) They have been sunbathing, in a sweet row, and then up they get and waddle quickly away in a little gang if panicked, so cute! Think they are enjoying their new home.
    I like your Benedict's space book, such a great idea. I loved making things like that when I was young (probably still would actually), such a great way to learn about an interesting subject! Hope his levels have settled now. I can see how a planned curriculum would be pretty unhelpful - if it was me I think it might make me pretty stressed if we couldn't follow it. LIke you mentioned though, sounds like plenty of learning went on, planned or not! Where there's a will... :)
    Hope your Sara has a good trip! How lovely, we would love to visit the Highlands one day.
    Oh, and your shawl is gorgeous, so pretty! Lucky friend :)
    With love, Carly x

  2. It was so lovely to hear from you, San - I was smiling all day. I think the timing will be ok, but just need to check on one thing. John is delighted to have some extra help - and hopefully she will be in time for lambing. xxx

  3. well, it sounds like he's learning a whole bunch even if it isn't the scheduled lessons! he can come here and teach me about putting the seed potatoes in the workshop for chitting . . ! and i bet working on his spaceship design did just as much (if not more) for his imagination and creativity and logical thinking than any book learning could. i'm sorry the nights have been so rough. hang in there. the sun will start shining more, and the days are getting very warm. sending you good health prayers and a big hug. xoxo.

  4. It sounds to me that despite all that is going on health wise you are still managing to get rather a lot done, I hope it keeps on improving for you. xx

  5. Oh and a little Hooray! It appears that I can comment on your blog again :)


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