Monday, 9 May 2011

Turn Back Time and Other Happenings.

Using the BBC Schools Primary History as our resource we worked through the first few activities linked to the "Turn Back Time" project.  Benedict's first activity was to find the following list of objects:

carrot, leek, apple, banana, egg, cheese, milk, margarine,fish, medicine, sweets, nails, saucepan, bicycle pump, tinned food, CD, pair of shoes and a school tie.

Once the items had been gathered in his shopping bag they were duly arranged on the dining room table. 

His next task was to decide where the items could be purchased.  The teacher's notes hinted that some children might list individual shops but that others might resort to the umbrella term of "supermarket" for the items on the list.  I have to say I was relieved that, Benedict listed all the different places where these items could be found.  His answers are listed below:

 Using the shop signs included in the resource pack he placed each item in the appropriate shop and we noted some of the differences in words used, ie Benedict used the word Ironmonger and the resource pack label was Blacksmith.  Here are some examples of the signs and their corresponding items:

Once the items had been cleared from the table and returned to their respective homes we then looked at activity number two:

The Shop Front.

We discussed that even in Victorian times shops had a sign/advert outside the shop to explain what they sold and therefore encourage people to buy their goods.  Using an Onken Yogurt advert as our guide:

we looked at the main principles of a good advert and decided upon three main areas:

Clear lettering, colourful pictures and a catchy slogan.  Benedict had to then think of three adverts containing catchy slogans and here are his answers:

" You shop, we drop" - Tesco
" Spend a little, live a lot" - ALDI
" Because you're worth it" L'Oreal Paris.

He then had to brainstorm various shop names and settle upon one shop and design an eye catching advert.  His chosen shop name was "  Tippy Toes Dance Emporium" and her he is working on the design:

 and here is the finished product:

He did have a little help with the design layout!

After lunch he worked on solving and investigating math puzzles courtesy of the math sphere website as well as his weekly spelling list of ordering the words in dictionary format:

Once Pip had woken from her nap we re-used old CD's and turned them into bird scarers for the garden (although besides keeping birds of crops, we actively encourage some birds with bird feed!), this ties in neatly with our current geography theme of the environment:

Crafty chaos!

Busy colouring.

Glitter sprinkling.

The finished result!
Benedict's final activity for the day was self directed; Dave returned from B's old school with a new bag of reading books and some magnets. Benedict delved into the pile and read this book in no time at all:
Dad is on teaching duty tomorrow morning and the magnets are a clue to the chosen science topic!

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