Saturday, 14 May 2011

Grand Designs...

...A to B Different degrees...
Actually this is the first line of lyrics of a song of that name by a rather good musical trio from Canada; but in this case the blog posting is about Benedict's art project running with our dear Czech art teacher friend.  In this case he has been putting together an architectural model of his ideal house.

The civil and structural engineering was carried out in an earlier visit and now second fix joinery and painting have been carried out.

Kamila is a creative character and her art room is bursting with opportunities, in this case architectural adventures beckon...

An interesting lift shaft being installed provides novel access.  The weight of one person going down lifts up someone else.  Perhaps you have to eat lots of food upstairs and exercise the weight off  downstairs to provide a reliable mass difference! 

Detail of the lower door into the lift.

And as we pass through this desirable residence, we pass the kitchen in a tasteful saffron yellow, a frying pan of fish on the hob, and the bathroom in a refreshing aqua blue.

Whoops, we're sorry Kamila, we didn't know that you were having a bath!

No house is a home without some friendly multi-coloured pet snails.

 The garden area is perfect for relaxing in the sun.

 And afterwards, there is a nice outdoor pool with winding slide to splash in from.

And here are Kamila and Benedict giving their own tour of their project!

By the way, about that Canadian trio, you can hear them here

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  1. This is such a neat project. Benedict must be very proud of his work.


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