Sunday, 8 May 2011

Catechism, Craft and Craziness

Last Sunday was the feast of Divine Mercy so whilst Dad attended a service at our local Cathedral, Benedict, Pip and I worked on some post Easter crafts from the website Catholic Icing.

 Pip decorating her Resurrection Angel.

 Benedict choosing the colours for his second Angel.

Once the colouring had been completed the Angels were cut out and then stuck onto the ever useful empty toilet roll tube.  We now have two Angels standing guard over the Easter Hare and Fluffy Lamb at the top of the stairs!

Monday was still part of the Bank Holiday weekend, so we made use of the weather and incorporated a short trip to the seaside to purchase some much needed sunglasses for Benedict and Pip.

Naturally glasses are best worn upside down!  Pip loved them sooo much she wore them all day...

... even during the after tea treat of one TV programme, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "square eyes!!".

On Tuesday morning Pip attended Forest School whilst Benedict and I were with the diabetic team in children's outpatients.  It looks like we will be weekly visitors in the department for the next few weeks until we can stabilise his readings. 

We now however have a more worrying development on our hands, as Benedict is struggling to accept having the pump permanently attached to him.  This has led to peculiar outbursts of attempting to smash the pump against the wall, letting it drag on the floor and worse still disconnecting the cannula and line so he is without insulin completely!! The craziness has also extended to curtains being taken and hidden, items thrown from the loft window and a glass bottle smashed in the back garden.  Not his normal behaviour I hasten to add, so we'll have to see if the clinical psychologist attached to the unit can offer some pearls of wisdom.

On Wednesday Pip had her first encounter with play dough making and loved the whole process from start to finish:

 Mixing the wet ingredients and ...

... adding then to the dry.  Mummy did the hob work and then came the fun bit...

... squishy warm play dough just right for grabbing and pulling.

 On Thursday we had our usual trips to sing and play and Shein's.  Followed by an evening visit from our Crazy Canon, Fr L.  He has an amazing ability to excite the kids and Pip had great fun:

On Friday Benedict had his weekly art class with Kamilla.  He is making excellent progress in this area and we will be very sad to see her go when she returns to the Czech Republic in the summer.  B's current work in progress is a model house as an architect would produce, complete with individual rooms and stairs leading into a cellar.  His home work was to find items from the recycling box and re-use them in his design.  This ties in neatly with this week's Geography topic based on the Environment.  He had great fun on Friday afternoon working his way through an interactive site based around the four R's:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect.

He had four missions to complete and crack the code associated with them.

We have a week of activities planned, which I hope will inspire learning and provide us with a springboard for regular consolidated learning.



  1. What an interesting post, San! I love Pip's sunglasses. Flora also likes to wear an old pair of Veronika. She thinks when she has sunglasses she doesn't need a sunhat outside! I'm sorry to hear about all the problems with Benedict. I started reading about diabetes last week because my mother has been diagnosed with it. I came across a woman named Dr. Schwarzbein. She has developed a diet for diabetics (low carb, no sugar, low fruit, but lots of good fats and it can also be made gluten free). She has written several books, including a cookbook. Maybe that would be of interest to you.

  2. Thanks for the info will look into the diet further.

    San x


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