Sunday, 22 May 2011

Knitting Therapy

We've had a peculiar week with combined health issues so the clickety clack of the needles has provided a meditative effect!  I have to admit that earlier on in the making of this garment I was frazzled with the sizing and in the end although I began knitting a size four the end result was actually a size six!  Yet it fits Pip beautifully who happens to be an average two year old!!  I have issues with the maths relating to this garment... it frankly does not add up!!  Despite the errors it is a beautiful design, I am totally smitten with top down knitting and am currently knitting another vest as I write! 

Hand dyed yummy goodness... take one ball of Ethical Twist organic wool in cream and dye with yellow and pink food colouring.  It reminds me of one of my favourite ice creams, "Raspberry Ripple"
 Knitting and Napping!
 A cranky girly refusing to comply with an action shot, so... is the vest all buttoned and blocked.  Pattern can be found on the Ravelry site under the name "Boheme".

Here are some other pictures of the past week:
 Our birthday surprise for Nanna a daisy fridge magnet using old CD's, a photograph, some sugar paper and printed cut out lettering.  Sara made the multicoloured rose bouquet with a little help from Benedict.  Our big at home girl is currently a serious origami dude!

We had our trip down a local high street as part of our history project and very little had changed over the course of time.  The shop owners were very accommodating and here are some of our favourites:

  We were here!

 One side a butchers and the other...

 ... bakers, but alas no candlestick maker!

 A genuine tailor at work.

An eco friendly and fair trade shop in keeping with the towns claim of one of the first fair trade towns in the world!

Frames made from old bike chains and the bracelets were made from can ring pulls!

 Recycled glass from the West Country.

 An ornament made from recycled coke cans.

A vase made from rolled and coiled paper from magazines. 

All things considered a good enough week!

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  1. What a beautiful vest! My grandmother made me a very similar one when I was little . . . It brought back memories.


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