Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Blessings

Our weekend in pictures:

 Lacey Baktus Scarf pattern courtesy of Ravelry.  It's not terribly clear on the photograph but three quarters of the way through, I realised I would not have enough of my hand dyed wool to complete it and Sara/Benedict's dye batch was more blue than green/blue!!  There was no alternative, I pulled back the scarf and began to re-knit alternating the two different dye batches and it is coming along nicely!

  Good Friday buns in the garden and Pip's first "go" at Benedict's camping chair.  As you can see from the look on her face she was very pleased!  She's taken a sudden interest in counting and colours, so declared the chair to be blue!  Not a bad attempt since the colour purple had up until that moment not been part of her vocabulary! 

Easter Sunday potato planting.  Our very good and kind friend Ian provided a much needed helping hand and in return...

... a sizzling sausage BBQ was enjoyed by all!  Ian and his little helper tended to the outside cooking whilst "her indoors!" sorted the cream cheese and chive mini baked potatoes and large accompanying salad bowl.
All plated up and ready to eat.

 Bank Holiday Monday in Blue!  Having finished the side fence Sara made a prompt start in painting the raised beds before the crops begin to take hold.  Daddy, Benedict and Pip watched the "Sound of Music".  I don't know how he had managed it but up until yesterday Dave had never watched the film!  Totally amazing considering it was one of Em, Kath and Sara's favourites when they were small!!  I managed with some help from B earlier in the day to sort through toys, unwanted clothes and unnecessary crockery and knick knacks.  We now have five large bin bags awaiting a trip to the charity shop currently residing in the corner of our bedroom!

All dressed up with somewhere to go... today was Pip's first visit to forest school.  She went with my lovely friend Debs and two of her boys; she ran and jumped and climbed and waved flags and had a wonderful time!  She was very grateful for a sit down in the afternoon to recharge.
NB the Roman sword did not make an appearance at FS it stayed safely at home with big brother Bem!

Phase two of the painting and the shed is resembling a des-res for all the tools and assorted gardening paraphernalia.  In between washing and cooking I too have wielded a brush and am very pleased with how the garden is shaping up.  Today was definitely a cold and windy day, so the decorating team were grateful for the warming beef and red wine casserole for tea!  So we are now two down and two to go... the decking and compost bins are next and then of course there's the pots in varying shapes and colours, just hope the weather holds!


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