Friday, 8 April 2011

The Drip, Drip Effect

This is Benedict's current insulin status since we have restarted pump therapy as of today.

Last night's two hourly observations paid off and I was able to prevent ketoacidosis by giving another injection at 3am when his blood glucose was rising.  As a one off this method of management is doable but it is not workable as a long term solution, hence our reasons for restarting the pump therapy.

Pump therapy itself is not without complications and when we last road tested the system we encountered numerous complications and his diabetes still remained unstable.  It is now half past midnight and I have just checked his readings which are currently 19.6mmol, a bolus correction has been made via the pump and I now have to wait an hour to ensure that, his blood sugar levels have dropped.  If that proves to be the case then I can catch some sleep and recheck him around 4am, if not then I will have to assume that the pump has occluded and will need to re-site another cannula elsewhere on his person.  Since the pump only uses short acting insulin in bursts occlusion is a very serious problem and  if left unchecked ketoacidosis and coma can occur very quickly. 

On a positive note his blood sugars showed considerable improvement from mid afternoon to bedtime.  I'm convinced these higher readings throughout the night are due to a growth spurt and judicious resetting of basal rates should rectify this problem, Please God.

 Lego Therapy.

 Still Smiling...just.

 A clever bit of marketing... their motto is "live more, worry less"  I'll believe it when I see it!


  1. I'm so sorry about all your blood sugar issues! I do hope that everything will be back to normal soon. You must be so tired by now! What a Lenten sacrifice. I'm feeling with you and sending you prayers and hugs.

  2. Hugs and prayers San. It is a frightening condition which a lot of folks don't really understand. The common perception is that if you don't have sugar you will be alright. You really show the reality of living with DM. Lots of love and will catch up with you soon. xx


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