Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bits and Bats

First up Benedict's blood sugars have stabilised, to the point that, they are almost within normal range, Praise God!!

Sara came home on Monday and I cannot believe how the week has flown.  Thanks to our big girl the side fence has a complete first coat of paint and weather permitting a second coat will be applied this weekend, the under sink cupboard has been cleaned and re-organised, little one's have been kept busy with origami flowers and lots of physical activity.

Benedict competed in a dance festival, gained a merit mark of 77%, not bad considering he's never danced in front of anyone other than his teacher and  class mates.  He's had great fun with complex Lego creations this past week but now that, he's stabilised I'll gradually up the workload this forthcoming week.

I've finally got round to dyeing my wool.  I've followed advice from my friend Debs and info found on Ravelry and Knitty.  I'm pleased with my first attempts and can see how, this kind of activity could actually be quite addictive!  Here are some pictures of the process:

All soaked and ready to go.

Blue once side and green the other.
Just need to rinse and...

 Hang up to dry!

Happy Days!!! Big Smiles!


  1. So pleased Benedicts blood sugars are stable and normal -ish!
    The yarn looks beautiful, now to decide what to make with it....

  2. This turned out great! What did you use to dye the wool with?

  3. Non natural food colourings, so not the sort you would want to bake with!! I think the american equivalent might be Wilson's? We used two brands, Dr Oetker, and Supercook.


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