Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dastardly Diabetes

This week I have been reminded just how precarious life can be, when living with a child affected by a chronic and potentially life threatening condition.

Benedict has experienced dangerously high blood sugars, ketones  and crashing hypos several hours after bedtime.  It has been a challenging and very tiring time, yet in amongst the dross we have continued to count our blessings.  Dave I must add does so with far greater grace than I could ever hope to achieve!

Formal book based learning has been catapulted out the window, yet as with all things the learning process has not ceased and in many ways Benedict has far exceeded my expectations!  He enjoyed watching "How to build a nuclear submarine", which was filmed at the ship yard in our home town.  This led to an in depth discussion with Dad, which in turn led to a comprehensive list making exercise on the processes and people involved in such a project.

He continue to enjoys his craft sessions with kamilla and has made a dinosaur world and daddy tiger and baby cub from clay and last week he painted a beautiful picture of a horse on a hill.

The weekly sessions with Shein are also working well and despite feeling truly poorly last Thursday he made a fine attempt at graph interpretation followed by a junk model replica of a working boiler!  Today he pieced together a wooden construction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and is now currently watching a fascinating documentary on the weather, I can see the potential for extra practical learning with regard to this subject, should his interest be sustained!

Pip continues to be a lovable bundle of fun and truly lives life to the full.  Her current reading interests are the Topsy and Tim books, she likes nothing more than to fetch a book and announce " read, book knee!"  She has also developed a self service style when it comes to boo feeding, which is a cause of much laughter in the household and occasional embarrassment  for mum!

Sara the littlest of our big girls will be home next week for a period of time. She is awaiting transfer to a lay community based in Italy.  It will be good to have her home and not just because she represents another pair of capable hands!

So in the interest of family posterity and to prove that it was not all doom and gloom at chez nous here are some pictures from the past week... 

A happy beaver lodge leader!
A work in progress...

 ...concentrating hard!

 Kamilla keeping a watchful eye over the proceedings.

 Almost finished, the horse is currently awaiting its " Rider on the storm!"

 Quick spray fence painting.

 Only three more panels to go and then another quick second coat!

 Farmyard role play.

 A river cottage treat.

 Tractor play at our favourite coffee stop.

 Pip enthralled by her fluffy feathered friend.

Hot chocolate break time, sugar free of course!

Windy swing time fun on Mothering Sunday.

 T- Rex building.

" I need to line these up correctly"
" Hmm. I think this bit goes here!"

 " Yes!!  Got it!"

 " Merci Beaucoup, Béatrice!"

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  1. Hey there mum, I hope you're going to save some work for me when i come back home!!!! :D

    I miss you all so much and just seeing what you've been doing (and what I've been missing) is making me look forward to coming home even more.xx


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