Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

We actually managed to complete all the task on our list today, which
was excellent especially since Benedict has been struggling with a cold
virus and the diabetes has been off whack.  He completed three pages in
the cuisenaire rods workbook, two pages of rhyming words and
handwriting practise, counted in twos up to fifty three times, finished
reading The Dump and watched the first instalment of The 1940's House. 
The programme sparked a whole barrage of questions, thankfully we had
resource books on hand to verify the details.  I had to reassure him
however that what he was watching was pretend and there really was no
need to blackout our house!  This little chap sure has a vivid

Benedict also managed to attend his 45 minute sports session at
enjoy-a-ball.  He has great fun with kids his own age, some much needed
sport activity and his coach Gareth is very understanding with regards
to the diabetes.  I'm just about to google Anderson Shelter! since Sara
has brought home some corrugated card and we are hoping to make a
miniature version of the real thing.  Hopefully there'll be pictures to
post soon.

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