Sunday, 7 March 2010

Learning All The Time

We've had a busy couple of days.  On Friday we travelled "back home" to see Grandparents and Uncle Bernard.  As part of our trip we visited the Dock Museum and took plenty of pictures.  Benedict was enthralled by the exhibits and one set sparked a long term interest of mum's, the Home Front in the Second World War.  We came home and rooted out a selection of books aswell as the Channel Four recording of The 1940's House, I think we might have hit on our History topic for the next few weeks, Please God!  Here are our pictures of the day:

You can see the reflection of the photographer if you look hard!

Riveted by the riveting gang!!

" Hang out your washing on the Siegfried line!"

"Is your blackout really black?  Have you drawn the curtains?

Here's the warden on the track.

It's better to be certain.

Is your blackout really black?"

Peering inside a reconstructed Anderson shelter

Opposite view.

On Saturday Benedict followed his usual morning routine of watching EWTN kids Faith Factory, he loves The Friar and Hey Lucy!  It was then time for his tap dancing lesson, he's making steady improvements and his dance teacher is very understanding of the diabetes.  After lunch both him and Sara attended the Super Saturday workshop at our local museum.  Benedict learnt about Electromagnetism and produced his own electric current using a magnet and coil.  He received his own certificate signed by M. Farraday himself!!

Once home he helped Dad fill the indoor mini greenhouse with trays of seedlings, so far we have planted: lettuce, tomatoes, peas, peppers, butternut squash, celery and courgettes.

Mum and Benedict watering the seeds.

On Saturday evening we rounded off our day by watching two very informative documentaries, the first was a Chemistry programme looking at Phosphorous, what it is and it's uses, both good and bad.  The second was a social documentary on the Darjeeling Mountain Railway and the study of those relying on the railway for their livelihoods.  With gentle prompting Benedict was able to answer questions on what he had seen and also offered his own interpretation of the items covered in both programmes. 


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