Thursday, 4 March 2010

A Nature Day

We once again spent a lovely day with Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan.  Whilst Daddy and Uncle Bryan were being technical with a new camera.   AM, Benedict, Pip and myself made the most of the sunshine and continued our nature studies.  No pictures I'm afraid as I'd forgot to reload the SD card in the camera, oh dear!!  So you'll have to make do with a narrative!

We saw, 3 Buzzards, 1 Chaffinch, 1 Great Tit, 1 Robin and we heard a very loud Hedge Sparrow, as the name suggests we could not see it as it was hiding in the hedge!  We also saw some very pregnant and very tired looking Ewes... well as a mummy myself I thought they looked very fed up and tired, ah I remember that feeling well!

Looking across to the fells we saw pillars of smoke rising into the blue sky.  Heather was being burnt to make way for new shoots, these in turn would provide food for the Grouse as well as protection for new nest sites.  All part of a delicately balanced eco system, so its no wonder we need to take care of God's good Earth.

Further along we made our way across a rickety, rickety bridge but alas no Trolls!!  We did however learn and discuss the importance of the flood defence system in this area.  If the river rises above a certain level the gates are closed down to the river and the excess water is diverted into man made trenches leading to specially designated open land thus preventing flooding in the town.

On the way home Benedict being a friendly and sociable chap chatted to the Postie on his rounds and a lady weeding her front garden!  We were more than ready for the lunch awaiting us upon our return: Chicken, leek and potato soup, Baked potato and salad followed by stewed apple and ice cream!

On the return journey home we called in at the garden centre and bought an indoor lightweight mini greenhouse which will enable us to get a head start on our planting, thus hopefully allowing us to keep an eye on the seedlings and prevent any pests from dining on them when they are young and tender!!

A very tired looking Benedict proudly displaying his efforts in the building of the frame.  Just minutes before he had suffered another hypo, which is currently his eighth one this week!  He has hypo'd daily since Monday, he is also battling with  a cold virus which doesn't help.  Still as usual he remains cheerful throughout!

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