Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sick Day

With help Benedict managed to plan his drawing of the Anderson Shelter and accompanying vegetable garden.  We talked about the importance of growing your own crops since  the ships were needed for carrying ammunitions and soldiers.  As a result the Dig for Victory campaign began and all householders were encouraged to do their bit for the war effort.  Benedict decided that in his "garden" he would grow, cabbages, carrots, potatoes, onions, swedes, leeks, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber.

After lunch we had intended to put the plan into action and begin constructing the base plate for the model.   Unfortunately a combination of high blood readings as a result of the cold virus left him feeling quite unwell and he ended up in bed for the remainder of the afternoon.

Having the sleep made all the difference and he had brightened sufficiently to help make the currant scones for tea.  Once the evening pots had been cleared Benedict helped put fresh bed linen on his bed and then spent some time working on the Meccano Space Shuttle.  As I write he is now watching a documentary with Dad based on The Solar System.

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