Saturday, 24 October 2009

Our New House Mate Lenny

This lovable lion arrived with the long awaited Paradigm 522 Insulin Pump. It has been a year since our Diabetes Team provided the copious paperwork to our local PCT advocating such a need. We knew that the early days would present us with some challenges but nothing had prepared us for such a steep learning curve within the first 48 hours: 4 cannula changes, a complete reservoir and line change and hourly glucose readings during the first night, we finally crawled into bed at 5am the following morning! Since then we have had to alter the basal and bolus rates every two days to prevent crashing hypos and off the wall hypers. Despite the chaos Benedict has accepted these changes with his usual matter of fact outlook on life and has never once complained of such inconveniences. I sure could learn a lot from this little chap!

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