Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A long standing special friendship

Ros and I have been friends from way back, when we were mere college students. We have supported each other through motherhood, turbulent teens, sickness and health. Our friendship has survived the test of time and even though we might have periods of non communication due to family commitments, when we do reconnect it is like the continuation of an old conversation. Visiting Ros and Jamie today was a real tonic for us all and the pictures below are a snippet of our time together.

Pip deciding to try out the cat toys and scratching post, ahem

We tried distracting her but she was determined to play with those toys!

Benedict had great fun building Lego with Jamie

How time flies it only seems five minutes since this young man was a wee chap like Benedict

Never work with kids big or small I say!

That's better, smile you are on candid camera!

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