Friday, 30 October 2009

A Blustery Autumn Day

At the end of a reasonably busy week we actually managed a home day today. The wind was a definite friend for I was actually able to hang out the washing on the rotary airer, it smelt lovely and fresh when I brought it in at the end of the day. Today's meals were based around the use up method of catering and I was pleased to provide two cooked meals for the hungry brood. Lunch was a one pot fish casserole baked in the Remoska. The dish consisted of red bream, onions, courgettes, fresh and tinned tomatoes, white wine and potatoes. Tea was a very easy bubble and squeak, containing cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onions, all cooked and then mashed together and baked in the good old Remoska.

These are our selection of books from our library visit yesterday. First up are Pip's selection! She took great care ensuring they were of impeccable chewing quality. It was her first visit to the library and she had enormous fun rearranging the shelves and in doing so devising her own dewy decimal system!

We were struggling to find the easy reader section for Benedict as the library has recently been revamped. With creative thinking we were able to find this selection of books to keep him entertained and encourage his new found interest in the written word. It's interesting how is enthusiasm has corresponded with the onset of his adult teeth appearing. No surprise I guess to Steiner Waldorf fans as this developmental aspect is well known in Waldorf circles.

This cosy Autumn jacket for Pip is finally finished! A trip to the haberdashery stall in the market yesterday led to the unearthing of these pretty floral buttons. The jacket was lovely to knit, an easy straightforward pattern. My post partum brain( yes ten months down the line!!) still cannot cope with anything too taxing. The wool was a dream to knit with, Debbie Bliss 100% Cotton Aran. Pattern from 'Easy Baby Knits'

A close up of the buttons and from this angle you can see in greater detail the woven effect of the knitting.

Pip was very happy with the end result especially the buttons,just big enough to try and grab and chew!

Clappy hands mummy, well done!!!

Benedict had a very busy day dancing. He had his dress rehearsal all afternoon and then performed in the show proper after tea. Here he is waiting for his cue to begin his solo dance. Dave was in the audience this evening; Sara and I attend tomorrow afternoon.

As we are approaching All Hallows Eve, Dave decided to make some treacle toffee. This is known to us as 'Aunty May's Treacle Toffee' as it follows a recipe that Dave's Great Aunty May used to make. It is not complicated but we have lovely memories of Aunty May and this is a good tangible reminder. When she died, we received her Fowlers Treacle Recipes book from which the recipe is derived.

Aunty May's Treacle Toffee (makes 1lb)

1/2 lb treacle;

1/2lb sugar;

1/4lb butter;

2 teaspoons vinegar.

Dissolve all in a pan and simmer for 20 minutes or until a drop of the mixture in cold water goes hard

Dave increased all quantities by 1/2 to give us 1 1/2lb of treacle toffee. Yum Yum!!!

And here is Auntie May, God Bless her!

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