Sunday, 25 October 2009

Clocks Back Sunday

Other folk might have gained their extra hour but if you are living with little ones you can guarantee their body clock will be running to the old time! Dave and I grabbed our extra sleep in shifts as we had once more been up in the night twice checking Benedict and correcting a high blood glucose reading. After Breakfast Dave, Benedict and Pip took Sara to Littledale Scout Camp where she spent the morning clearing some of the land and digging ditches. We had the usual standby Baked Potatoes® (Dave's joke, as they could well be a registered trademark for a great convenience food!) for lunch cooked in the Remoska from the Czech Republic via Lakeland Limited. Whilst Pip and Sara were having an afternoon nap the rest of us played Happy Families, to my shame I can’t remember the last time we actually sat down and played a game together! Dave and Benedict drew with three pairs each whereas I actually won with a comfortable lead of six pairs!

Dave is trying not to fall asleep

San helping Benedict

And then she realises she's on a winning path.

Victory was short lived however as Benedict and I dodged a heavy burst of rain and attempted to clear some of the tree pruning debris from the garden. We have had some good successes with our vegetable plots notably, Swiss chard, courgettes and tomatoes. Sad to say the lettuces were munched at by our not so friendly slugs and the swede tops were taken over by a caterpillar conurbation. Since we did not want to spray I cut them down and as a result unknowingly weakened the plant which promptly rotted right the way through, still I am undeterred and am already working on a simple plan for next year.

Garden with falling leaves needs a bit more tidying for the winter.

This is the first year in a long time where we have actually remembered to light a Baptism Candle on the appropriate day, so Benedict’s special day was commemorated at the tea table. We had a simple soup followed by a quick low carb banana pudding. All in all, it’s been an enjoyable day.

 Benedict with his Baptism Candle and a couple of other candles

 Oh, and Pip is now starting to eat at the table

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