Sunday, 11 August 2019


The day after the epic road trip I stepped in and provided last minute childcare for Kath.  I had intended to have a rest day, but the phrase, " If you want to hear God laugh then tell Him your plans!" kept ringing in my head :-)  We met roughly half way for a Mary hand over and once we were 'home' Mary and I headed to the library to join Dave and Pip.  After lunch the girls played outside interspersed with reading the books from the library.

On Sunday I took both girls to church and then we made pinwheel scone based pizzas for lunch.  Some friends visited after lunch and part way through the afternoon there was a terrific thunderstorm.

On Monday the girls worked on a painting project inspired by the 'Flat Stanley' books that we had been reading.  After lunch we spent the afternoon with a friend and the girls had a great time on the 'slip and slide' followed by play dough fun.  It was most definitely a full on time and boy was I shattered once Tuesday rolled round.  As much as I love Mary it was good to hand her back to mum and revert back to just dealing with two kids!

 Slip and slide fun.

 Prepping a Flat Mary.

 Flat Mary and Flat Pip :-)

On Friday we spent the afternoon with Sara, Tom and Ollie.  Sara provided the main course and I made blackberry crumble served with cream for dessert.  I think it is safe to say that Ollie loved it:


penelope said...

Oh how wonderful! What a blessing family is :-)

Shirley Ann said...

I love the flat Mary and Pip. It looks like the girls had a lot of fun :)