Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Fairy Day on St John's Day

There was no bonfire today since it was raining ... good old British summertime!  Still, this did not deter our plans for Pip's yearly Fairy Day. 

In true "Fairy Sparkle" style a gift bag and a card greeted Pip when she awoke this morning.  Sparkle had left a cute writing set and a yarn cake of fairy pinks and purples, dotted with fairy dust in between.  How did she know I wonder that Pip had been desperate for a pair of mum's hand knit socks?! 

After mid morning mass, Claire, Beth and Hannah arrived and the girls set to with their craft activities; they made heart shaped bags and fairy bracelets.  For our lunch we had hot dog sausages, veggie crisps, mini muffins and chocolate krispie cakes.  It was a lovely relaxed affair and Pip kept saying over and over that "this is the best day ever!"

Working on their bags.

 Hot dog sausages filled with genuine Coney Island mustard, or so it says on the squeezy bottle!

 Dave's half eaten muffin and krispie cake before he realised that he needed a photo for posterity!!  There is a hilarious video entitled "Instagram husband" definitely worth a watch!

 I have abandoned my sock knitting on the floor for the fairy dust fairy feet :-)

 Happy St John's Day :-)


  1. Happy St. John's Day! Definitely the best day ever :) I love the yarn cake and Dave's pics (will have to check out that video!). Lunch looks delicious and how could it go wrong with the Coney Island mustard!! It really looks like a happy day, San :) xoxo

  2. You managed to create a beautiful day! We had good weather, but we were at the living history museum and Peter was in Michigan, so we did not celebrate. We have to find a day this coming week, although Charlotte is gone now. She will have to miss our fire. Happy St. John's tide! I am so glad that Pip enjoyed it so much.

  3. Oh this is lovely! I am glad that Pip had a wonderful day. It sounds so great!x

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