Tuesday, 25 April 2017


We are back at the same spot as last year.  Dave's brother Andy came to spend the weekend with us and it has become a family tradition that we have a cook out on the first night.  Uncle Andy cooked the bacon on the primus stove and I cooked the sausages and onions on the stove in the kitchen:

 Testing the selfie mode on the new mirrorless camera, an early birthday present for me :-)

 I believe the food was quite tasty, sadly I was not able to eat any of it as I have had a flare with stomach issues and have been struggling with constant nausea since arriving.  Ginger cordial has saved the day :-)

Jet Age Museum


 Ben was really fascinated with this talk.  He had watched a documentary regarding the Falklands War and the Vulcan bombers were significant in the whole affair.  There was also a bookstand in the main hall and Uncle Andrew managed to find a book capturing the tale of "Vulcan 607" an epic story of the most remarkable air attack since the Second World War.

Gloucester Quays Centre and Uncle Mike

Uncle Andrew had promised Pip a skateboard and so we duly set off to the Quays shopping centre.

 Can you tell she is happy?!!  She has not stopped riding it since yesterday :-)

 Dave testing an art filter on the camera whilst I grabbed ten minutes quiet time in a shop!

 Pip photo bombing and Dave explaining to Andy which button to press!

 Another early birthday present, a fab moving and shooting tank for Ben from Uncle A :-)

 Knitting time for me at Uncle Mike's.

 Lunch is served.

 An epic curry and an even better ...

... home made custard and crumble, with home grown rhubarb picked this morning.

Pip telling a tale.

We are off to the Gloucester regiment museum and Hubble Bubble cafe today, so no doubt more pictures to follow. 


  1. Making beautiful memories! I'm so glad you got away to the same place again. It's so nice. Tell Dave I like the art filter :) and is that a peanut sauce on the curry with the rice and bananas? It looks really good! Did you make up the recipe? It's so fun and refreshing to eat outside. Hooray for ginger cordial. I so hope you're feeling better now. I really like the pic of Pip telling a tale :) Maybe one day you can get a little movie of her riding the skateboard :)

    A mirrorless camera? I have to look this up! I need to take my camera in again for repairs, as it (unfortunately) hasn't worked properly, even after repairs in October. I'm not sure if there is a guarantee with the fix it shop. If it's going to be too expensive, I might decide to get just a new body from a local camera store and use the same lens that I have. Now for a totally unrelated question: do you have a vitamix?

  2. Oh how lovely! Looks like all are having a wonderful holiday :-)

    But i'm so sorry about the tummy troubles -- I can certainly empathize!! {{hugs}}

    Peace and Prayers
    (i have shifted blog homes/names :-) this is formerly-ellie)

  3. This looks a delightful holiday! I am glad you having a lovely time. I LOVE Pip's delight over the skateboard. It is refreshing to see a child so utterly delighted with a present- you can tell she really appreciates it! Love the photobomb too! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl the food looks amazing- just sorry you were having a bad time with tummy.xxx


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