Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Homeschool Happenings

Since returning home form our trip to Northumbria, we have motored through the last two weeks of homeschooling hence my absence here :-)  By the end of each day I am worn out.  It is a combination of the usual health issues in addition to ensuring that both kids are remaining on task.

I had a sick day today but as a result of planning the week's lessons we were able to hit the main essentials and I know that if the week had not been planned the kids would have been ratty and bored.  We even managed a short trip to Aldi for the weekly shop and the kids had fun in the Halloween aisle!!  Benedict found some cute mini coloured bowls for serving nuts and popcorn, I tell ya if that kid doesn't end up working in the catering industry he would make a great party planner!  Give him a holiday to plan and decorate for and he is away.  Pip has been invited to go "trick or treating" with a family from Brownies and so she found a lovely pink top with a black halloween scene on the front and a cute bat headband to wear.

Here are some random pictures of the past few weeks:

 A rare moment the two of them actually working at the same time and in the same place!

 Benedict's Lego model of a Ziggurat.

 Pip practising her spellings using the Rummikub tiles.

 Moon and Star biscuits for St Francis Day.

 Making a start on a coil pot for her Stone Age study.

 The finished piece.

 Benedict's trademark clay slabs part of his Ancient Mesopotamia study.

 Saturday afternoon Lego building whilst I worked in the loft room on a commissioned sewing project.



Eva said...

Looks like good work, San! I am also completely worn our at night and so is Peter. This semester is the worst we have ever had. You are doing a wonderful job, believe me, even with all the exhaustion and health problems. Your children are lucky to have you.

Sarah said...

Looks like you've all been busy!

dorinalouise said...

hello san, i'm so glad that you've been able to keep up with the planning. not only does it serve to make sure that things run smoothly, but your feelings of joy and comfort when you look back on these days will be over the top :) i've been having a bit of a rough spell with this part myself these days, but am trying to get back on track :) i love your photos, especially "the finished piece." you have such a beautiful home and you are all doing such wonderful work. i send you a big hug and lots of love. xoxo

ellie said...

Oh I do love homeschooling posts :-) even after all these years! Hope you all are well. {{hugs}}

Kezzie said...

I love seeing the Home Schooling!!x