Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Daybook For May

Looking out of my window:  it is pitch black save for the street lamp on the roadside.  Earlier today the sky was grey and there was a decidedly cool nip in the air.  Summer is almost around the corner but I think Mother Nature is in denial!

I am thinking: that I spend my days being really cross with myself!  Most days I run on coffee and adrenaline, rushing from one problem to the next.  I have this daily worry that I have not managed to kick my writing into gear and that as the potential income earner in the family that I have let everyone down.  I am still also grieving over the loss of Aunty Maureen and when all seems to be under control, something will tip me over, the flood gates open and the tears roll.  I have also developed this rather annoying habit of over thinking and boy is that paralysing :-)

I am thankful for: the gift of friendship both near and far.  We had our "Little Flowers" meeting on Monday and it was so good to spend time with other like minded souls.  I have a planned coffee date with another dear friend on Friday and the " jump for joy" chance of meeting a longstanding friend on the weekend, here's looking at you Ros!

One of my favourite things: rediscovering my joy of knitting.  I lost my mojo well over a year ago but a spark has been re-ignited and I am one happy knitter.

I am wearing:  a flowered linen shirt and jeans but should really be in my pyjamas as it is way past my bedtime!

I am creating:  pages of notes and jottings in the hope that inspiration will strike and that those words will be put to good use.

I am reading:  "Work Simply" by Carson Tate ~ embracing the power of personal productivity style.  I now understand why I could not get into the whole planner, washi tape and sticker thing, it is just not my style!  Give me a piece of paper and a pen and I will prioritise and visualise my day :-)  Think goal orientated and comprehending the big picture and that is me! 

 I am also incapable of having just one book on the go so on the kindle app on my phone I am reading, "No Impact Man; saving the planet one family at a time," Colin Beavan.  I have also finished reading another e-book download about simplicity and minimalism which I received in return for writing a review, which I am hoping to share on here before too long.

I am hoping: to find some peace in my days :-)

In the kitchen: the menu planning and organisation has been out of the window for a good few weeks.  We have transitioned once again to an organic veg box scheme and I am trying as far as possible to reduce the amount of plastic entering the home.  The pesticides are an unwanted toxic burden on an existing overwhelmed body and the plastics are not only a pain to recycle, they are also known to disrupt hormone levels so not great in particular for the women in the house!

In the school room:  we are hitting the non negotiables of maths and english on a daily basis.  I am still however trying to find a joint activity for both kids but that requires some peace and quiet and thinking time, all of which are in short supply at the moment!

In the garden: we have an array of flowers and a small amount of vegetables thanks to Sara and Tom

A peak into our day:

 Pip and her friend from Little Flowers who we visited earlier today; they had a great time and so did the adults chatting, drinking tea and enjoying a delicious salad and cheese smorgasbord

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  1. I know what you mean about the coffee . . . For years, I was caffeine free, now I do have two cups of coffee each day and sometimes a cup of tea as well. There is so much to do and never enough time or energy. I keep trying to cut down and get more rest, but I am not sure how to manage that with five homechooled children plus my college teaching and Peter traveling a lot. I think all those up and down feelings also have something to do with getting older and not belonging to the child-bearing age group anymore. It is all very confusing and frustrating sometimes. I know exactly what you mean and often feel like that myself.

    I did the free quiz Carson Tate offers; quite interesting I thought.

    We also do math and English every day, then religion at least four times a week, followed by the other subjects. That covers the most important things.

    There is too much plastic in the world, I totally agree! It is even worse in this country.

    I really need to go to be. Tomorrow is our 20th American wedding anniversary. Hard to believe that I have been married that long!

    1. Happy Anniversary to you dear friend, one day I am sure I will get to share coffee and cake with you :-)

      You are right, the feelings as we age certainly have an impact on our days. My lovely friend who is mother to the girl in the picture is expecting baby number four in October. I might not be able to have any more but I am blessed with one super cute grand daughter and here is hoping that Sara and Tom will be adding to the numbers before too long :-)

      Big hugs to you San x

    2. So, there will be another baby?? Did I unserstand this right? When will the baby be born? They must be very happy.

    3. P.S. I will e-mail you soon about the coffee and cake :).

    4. Looking forward to the email :-). No baby as yet for S and T but hopefully at the end of Autumn things might start in that direction :-)

    5. That would be exciting to welcome another little one!

  2. When we are busy and life is full it can be so hard to see beyond that. This is a busy time of year for me too, I plan what I can and leave the rest but it is hard to make peace with that isn't it. What will be will be and that doesn't mean that that is giving up rather it is not wasting energy on fighting something that cannot be achieved, far better to give the little energy/resources you have left to that which is important :)

  3. It is horrid when you are incredibly busy!! Life just gets too much!!! Try not to get cross at yourself. You are not super-human and have a lot on, just do what you can. Pip and her friend look so sweet.
    I'm so bad at reading multiple books. Give me one at a time any day!!! X

    1. Keep reminding myself to look at what I have managed in each day, as opposed to what I think I should achieve :-)

  4. Hello San, I am always very tired now and I really miss my younger, more energetic days. I never feel like I get things properly done, so I guess we just have to keep trying . . . ? Chanda and I were supposed to do a water color painting on Thursday and a Science demonstration on Friday but I was too exhausted from the Wednesday babysitting on Thursday and then too hot from the uncomfortable weather on Friday!

    I've had to nix the coffee because it triggers too many menopausal symptoms, but I miss it. I think the books you are reading sound very good and it's great that you are knitting again. Meal plans are very difficult for me these days . . I think I'm just tired of planning them. I really liked when I had two days off and C and M were consistently adding cooking and when Korrina used to come by on Mondays . . I think your veg box is the best! We're eating a little more lightly now that it's warmer. I try to do more veggies but I get tired of the prep sometimes -- washing and cutting . . I can be lazy when it comes to salads :P Anyway, thanks for your lovely and honest entry and we will all keep on trying to accomplish all the wonderful things we want to do :) I hope you find the proper joint activity . . a board game? cooking together? one knitting and one doing woodwork? drawing? just listening to a book on tape? one reading aloud while the others listen? both knitting? gardening together? maybe just sketching . . you could take turns putting together "still lifes" for all of you to draw. or start a nature journal together and start with the backyard and expand to the neighborhood . . I'll forward Barbara McCoy's emails about her nature lessons. You could also check out the "Discover Nature" books by Elizabeth Lawlor. Let me know if you can't get them there and I'll send a few to you. xoxo

    1. Thanks Dorina for sharing your own struggles and for the excellent joint activity suggestions for the kids. The still life could be something we would all be able to do :-)

      Big hugs and love

      San and all xx

  5. The books you are reading sound really interesting San, I am going to check them out x


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