Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Outside and Inside

We have been blessed with some good weather in these parts, mostly dry with some sunshine too :-)  As a result we have made a good start in the garden and enjoyed some park days in between home school and household chores:

 Spot The Ben Bird ~ a rare breed that only surfaces once in a while and that is usually on a hunt for food ;-)  A sociable creature however that takes a keen interest in supporting those younger than himself.  Most happiest in trees.


Pip has completed both a Singapore maths textbook and workbook in just under three weeks, maths is her favourite subject.  She is also motoring through a series of English textbooks as well as working towards a World Cultures badge for Brownies.

I haven't a thought in my head for writing!  By the end of the day, my intellectual abilities are zippo, so that ebook that I was encouraged to write is well and truly on the back burner.  So, back to the crafting then, apart from the fact that my back and shoulders are mashed and "pain again" is my middle name :-(  Heat packs, analgesics and you tube documentaries are my evening companions these days!

We have been blessed with some lovely family days, managing to see both Kathryn and Mary Grace this past weekend.  Sara and Tom are resident weekend fixtures as they have denoted St Joseph's as their home parish and so make the 40 minute journey each weekend to attend Sunday mass and stop for lunch afterwards.  In fact the past  two weekends they have stopped over and also helped with the gardening.

I have perfected the art of gluten free Yorkshire pudding making and these fluffy concoctions are a welcome addition to the Sunday dinner.  We also enjoyed a vegetable pie on "Pi" day!  Edible maths which was appreciated by all:

We formally made our goodbyes to Aunty Maureen on the 12th of March and I think of her at some point each and every day, whether it be from items purchased by her as gifts, books passed on or the innumerable notes serving double duty as book marks.  She was a prolific note card and post card writer and I am pleased that we have kept some of her jottings. 

We are well and truly in Holy Week.  No tomb garden this year but I am hoping to organise an Easter egg hunt for the kids after church on Sunday.

Hoping to pop by soon and also catch up with you all x 


Kezzie said...

Aaaaaa, your PI is brilliant!!!!!!!Ben looks such a darling sweetie! I can imagine he'd be one of those boys I really like!
Intrigued by the gluten free Yorkie!

Sue Elvis said...


I love the photo of The Ben Bird. The other thing I love is Yorkshire pudding!

Good weather? I remember you telling me about the rain so I can imagine how much you are enjoying being able to get outside. Here, we need rain. We get a sprinkle every now and then but that's not enough. There's a real feeling of autumn in the air, and leaves are beginning to change colour. It's funny going in the opposite direction to you.

It sounds like Pip has settled well into homeschooling. I hope you are enjoying your days with her.

Love Sue xx

dorinalouise said...

so good to hear from you san! i'm confused about the ben bird . . did i see him in an earlier post? i love the picture :) oh! maybe it was instagram! funny :) your pudding and pie look so delicious! i need to fix my oven :P sending you lots of love and healing thoughts for your back xoxo

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Pie on Pi day is always a good choice. In fact, pie on ANY day is always a good choice :)

sustainablemum said...

I was thinking about you last night, was going to email you this morning and check you all ok and then a post pops up on my sidebar! Glad to hear that you are doing ok, hope the back pain is not troubling you too much.

Eva said...

Benedict should go climbing with my girls . . . We would have a zoo then.

Which Singapore Math book did Pip finish? Flora is doing 1 A, but she is also doing Miquon Math at the same time. I always go back and forth.

So nice you can see Sara and Tom more often now. I hope that the pain will get better. Have you tried Bromelain? The Pi is funny.

Sandra Ann said...

Love the zoo concept :-)

Pip has finished 1A and has just begun 1B. She really loved maths. I thought the pie for Pi day funny, we have yet to try the gummy bear maths!

Did you get your birthday present and card it was sent in the 7th of March?

San xx

Eva said...

I did post about it here. It is beautiful and useful. The card reminded me of a German picture book we own. Thanks so much again!

What is gummy bear maths?

Sandra Ann said...

The gummy bear maths was a visual way of representing the concept Pi. If I manage to do it I will take photos and blog it!

Eva said...

Maybe it is similar what my friend did with cherry tomatoes?

Sandra Ann said...