Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Art and Cooking

In addition to the usual round of daily tasks, both kids had fun in the kitchen.  Benedict made some yummy Glamorgan sausages with salad for lunch and Pip made healthy nut and banana flapjack for after tea:

 Lovely Lunch


 Finished Product

Pip also  enjoyed her impromptu art session this morning.  We used the Usborne art skills book as our guide, the instructions were clear and concise and each project page contained a list of necessary art supplies:

Drawing the outline

 Adding the paint one block at a time

 Pip's finished picture on the top and the book illustration underneath



Kezzie said...

That's a splendid painting! Well done to Pip!
I'm confused, those look like burgers, not sausages!x

Eva said...

What are Glamorgan sausages? The good looks yummy and the pictures turned out very well and colorful.

Sandra Ann said...

Yes they are more like sausage patties, lol!!

Sandra Ann said...

Glamorgan sausages are vegetarian and they are essentially a mix of grated cheese, breadcrumbs, grated onion and seasonings bound with eggs and cream. You can form them into a sausage or pattie shape and then fry them in the pan. They are great with salad or cooked veg, roast potatoes and gravy.

sustainablemum said...

We had Glamorgan sausages for tea yesterday! They are yummy aren't they ;). I love Pip's picture it's great!

dorinalouise said...

Hello San, these are such wonderful days. I always look back at our lessons and times in the kitchen with such warmth. Pip's painting is beautiful and so colorful :) Thanks for sharing!

Eva said...

Ah, we have a similar German recipe, but without the cheese and cream.

ellie said...

San, I love how your kids cook and bake! I did not get my two younger ones doing that as much when they were young (now of course they do All the cooking!) and wish i had.