Friday, 18 September 2015

Thursday Home Day :: Friday Sick Day

We had hoped to attend out usual home ed group today but a combination of ongoing pain on my part and a failed mobility scooter for Dave meant we stayed at home.  Naturally we were all disappointed but in true family fashion we made the best of our circumstances :-)  Pip had a go with her Singapore maths text and work book and enjoyed her lesson.

After lunch both kids watched the Wonder Quest programme on you tube whilst I lay down for an hour with a hot water bottle and waiting for analgesics to take effect.  After my rest time, Pip and I made scones together and these were enjoyed as part of our afternoon tea:

 Pip's job was to read the recipe and de code the numbers in grammes, she did a great job and here she is measuring carefully 300 grammes of gluten free flour.

Afternoon tea was followed by quiet time and Pip worked on a treasure map jigsaw:

Benedict struggled to settle to anything, we have been having continually whacky blood sugars and combined with pre-teen hormones and growth hormones, tempers have been a little frayed of late ;-)

The information evening at school was a total nightmare ~ parents were not allowed to air their concerns and basically it was a lecture from the head and staff members to inform parents of the many changes throughout the school.  Every day the numbers of unhappy parents muttering in the playground increases and some of the punishments meted out to the children are bordering on the barbaric; humiliation seems to be the current favourite of the month :-(  I am in the processes of writing a complaint based on the worrying so called "faith" changes and this will be copied to the chair of the governors (a priest), the head of the diocesan education centre (a canon) and the bishop. Needless to say the stress of it all, coupled with our daily difficulties tipped me over the edge and I suffered the worst migraine attack ever in a very long time.  The likelihood of Pip being withdrawn from the school gathers momentum daily, but we are waiting to see what response we will get after having raised our concerns.

We are off to visit family tomorrow ~ the kids miss seeing their grandparents and they miss seeing the kids.  We also get to hang out with Mary-Grace as Kath has to cover at work for staff shortages, not great for her since she already works a full week but nice for us :-)

Happy Friday Evening San x 



dorinalouise said...

I'm sorry you have to go through such a trial with the school! It's such a strange occurrence I think! What odd changes to make! They're going backwards . . Congrats on writing the letter. It definitely needed to be done. I hope you don't have to wait long for a response.

Your home day sounded so nice and I bet the scones were delicious. I'd like to make some now too :) I hope things even out for Benedict. It's not easy dealing with hormone and sugar levels . . :( Have wonderful day with grandparents and adorable Mary Grace :) And I hope you're feeling better too. xoxoxo

sustainablemum said...

I do hope your day with Mary Grace and grandparents was a wonderful day for all. I am so sorry to hear that your concerns and worries about the changes at Pip's School have come true. I wonder is there any other Catholic Schools with places in your city, or does the Head think she can get away with it as no one will change schools?

sustainablemum said...

Was going to add, but pressed publish instead.......that I do feel for the staff. Whilst they look like a united front they may be feeling as uncomfortable as the parents. If she is instigating bullying tactics against the children it wouldn't suprise me if the same thing is happening to teachers who don't tow the line. My mum's last job was just like that. The Head changed not long after she took up her post as a Deputy Head (huge school as she only taught one day a week). He bullied the staff so much that my mum suffered with heart problems and had to go off sick he then bullied her into early retirement. He basically destroyed the school all the good teachers left, by the time he was removed by the LA it was too late.

Sandra Ann said...

i think the staff are currently happy to tow the party line :-(

I'm so sorry to read about your mum though ;-( In all honesty if we pull Pip from school then she will home ed alongside Benedict as I know for sure the other school in the area will not offer flexi schooling, they're too worried about those ofsted targets :-(

Sandra Ann said...

It'll be interesting to see if I actually do get a reply and if I do whether it will be satisfactory :-(

I'll keep you posted x

ellie said...

Offering prayers and support from afar, San. What a wrenching situation.

Sandra Ann said...

Ellie, thank you so much for your prayers and support it means a great deal :-)

ellie said...

It's been so long sice you've posted, I hope everyone is okay. Sending prayers and well wishes.