Friday, 11 September 2015

An Up and Down Week


I completed my second swim session and spent most of it blowing bubbles under water and gliding!  It was quite a revelation to realise that, blowing out did not equate to an ingress of water in lungs and potential drowning :-)

Benedict had two friends for tea this week, Ollie on Tuesday and Roland on Wednesday.

Benedict has worked on maths problems this week.

Our Sonlight  curriculum arrived this week and Benedict has been busy reading one of the set books, of which there are many!  He is a happy boy :-)  I also escaped an import duty and for that I am eternally grateful.

We attended our Thursday Home Ed group and the kids had a great time, taking apart old machinery and building a den and fire pit in the woods.


Benedict attended diabetic clinic on Thursday morning and his blood averages are back up to 9.3mmol/l which is 78% and therefore way too high.  Overnight basals have been increased and he will be retested in a month.  He is currently experiencing a growth spurt and this has wreaked havoc on blood sugar control.

Dave was feeling unwell on the car journey from the clinic to the home ed group and so a motorway service stop was the order of the day and bang went the budget:


I have been in constant pain for weeks now and it is very wearying.  In addition I also had a really bad head this afternoon and crashed in bed for a few hours.  Dave was a stalwart and not only collected Pip from school but managed to make the tea with the help of the kids.

The school is having a Roald Dahl appreciation day I wonder if the new head will be going as this character?



Jacqui said...

Big hugs, San. I hope you and Dave are feeling better soon. You come through with such goodwill. I'm glad there were a few ups for you xxx

dorinalouise said...

Really! I wonder! She fits it perfectly!

Ah, San. I pray that the lows get better and am so happy for the highs. It really does sound like a nice week, though you didn't say anything about Pip and school :P I think the home school meeting sounds so fun and your motorway stops look just like ours!

Hooray for your swimming and hooray for the Sonlight Curriculum. It sounds really nice so far.

I hope you and your poor head feel better soon. I send you love and a big hug, xoxoxoxo