Saturday, 28 March 2015

Beatrix Potter

We have had another round of very busy days, so I thought I would start with today's main event and hopefully I will add the others at some point!

We kept our trip out a secret and only told the kids once we were on our way.  Sara and Tom had arranged to meet us in Kendal and it was here that we deposited Benedict.  They had lunch and then spent the afternoon at Games Workshop painting figures and watching other kids play role playing board games.  Benedict met another few lads his own age and they had a great time chatting about various interests.

Whilst the three of them were occupied we took the opportunity to take Pip to the Beatrix Potter Museum in the lake district.  The last time we were here Pip was only this big  She enjoyed following the trail but I definitely think there was something magical about taking her when she was a lot smaller.  Regardless we did actually manage a trip out of the house, other than visiting people's houses and that was certainly an achievement!

 "Hey, mum I'm taller than Peter now!"

 Straight from the oven gluten free seeded rolls and a yummy cream of tomato and sweet potato soup.

 Decaff lattes, one chocolate brownie and one berry and almond slice, both gluten free.

 Filling in the first box on the quiz.

 Peter Rabbit and a cheeky robin.

 Neat Writing.

 A blurry picture of Dave deftly hiding his walking stick ... "I don't need a walking aid!"  Who is he trying to con?!

 Gorgeous colour on a very wet, dark and windy day.

 Pip watching Mrs Tiggywinkle hanging the washing to dry.

 The old lady herself.

 Looks like Peter is receiving a scolding from his mother!

 Peter's nemesis, Mr MacGregor!

We had an extra passenger in our car on the way home, a very large Peter Rabbit!  I wonder what Mary Grace will think of him when she next visits!


  1. San,

    What a fabulous museum! I'd love to be able to visit. Looks like Pip had a wonderful time. There's a Beatrix Potter movie, isn't there? It was made years ago but we never saw it. I must find a copy. I now feel in a Beatrix Potter mood!

  2. Looks like a great day out! Glad to hear that you have been busy, hope it was a good type of busy?

  3. My girls would have loved this place when they were small. It's a really lovely visit, and the cafe looks very fun and cozy.

    Well, my aunt always pushed her cane out of the way for pictures also, and I always like to take my eyeglasses off for photos . . Dave is in very good company :)

    You'll have to get a photo of MG, Pip and the big Peter Rabbit one day! xoxo


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