Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Home Economics

Both kids were stars in the kitchen today.  For lunch the dining room was converted into a pop up restaurant and we feasted on an assortment of veggies, hassleback potatoes and Glamorgan sausages courtesy of Benedict:

Glamorgan Sausages are breadcrumbs, grated cheese and leek bound together with two egg yolks and then dipped in beaten egg whites and dusted with flour.  To cook they are fried in very hot oil.

As promised once Pip came home from school, she helped make the pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  She stirred and I ladled and cooked and very good they were too!  At Pip's request we had cheese and tomato sandwiches, followed by a piece of fruit and then lemony pancakes and a mug of tea.  Delicious!


  1. I am getting hungry! Our meals are very simple these days. And tomorrow is a fast day anyway. No snacks. Great job, both of you.

  2. Yes! It all looks so good! My mouth is watering . . Morgana and I are trying to be on the GAPS diet for awhile to help her strengthen her gut/digestion to see if we can clear her citrus/tomato/mango allergy. I think the run-in with the poison oak on Christmas caused her to become more interested in it. She kept mentioning it to me and then I bought some books to help us along. It's not easy. I don't know how long we can keep it up for. But at least we're giving it a try. I have a whole fish simmering in the pot right now for stock. It actually smells good! I think I prefer fish over the beef stock and chicken stock. But of course I can't wait to be able to eat anything again . . .like the delicious one all of you put together. Tell them good work and bon appetit!

    1. What books have you bought? I am quite familiar with most of them, but I never did the stages Natasha Campbell-McBride suggests.

  3. We had Glamorgan Sausages over the weekend!


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