Monday, 24 March 2014

Sunshine, Smiles and Sickness

Last week was interesting!  The first half was governed with the usual run of the mill school run and core subject learning in the home school.  in fact Benedict and I managed to score a "hat trick", three days in a row!  Pip also enjoyed dressing up for a belated book day at school:

The Gruffalo Child.

We also had an after school treat in Sainsbury's and it was a much deserved treat for hard work:

By Thursday Pip was sent home from school with stomach ache and upon arriving home was sick, she pretty much slept through the rest of that day and night.  By Friday she was much improved and it was a home and art day as usual.  In amongst all of this Benedict started with a cold whilst at the same time, experiencing multiple daily hypos ... I've since stopped counting!

On Saturday our dear friend PJ and adopted uncle took myself and Pip to the Wolfhouse Gallery followed by a walk to the Giant's Seat.

 Sitting on Giant's Seat.

 Saturday Skyline.


 Walking Pip's name in the sand.

Blue Skies.

When we arrived home Benedict had his head over a sick bowl and shortly after Pip and I followed suit!  We were changing bed linen throughout the night and although Pip seemed better on Sunday, Benedict and I were totally out of action.  We have managed to be up and about today but have only managed a small amount of toast and a little bit of weak soup.  Oddly enough Pip was sick again just before bed, *sigh*  So we are resting and recuperating and trying to drink little and often, at least we are on the mend.

PS Almost to the day this was us last year!


  1. The sea is beautiful! What a lovely trip. So nice of your adopted uncle to take you :) Pip is adorable in her costume. I hope she is on the mend, as I hope all of you are! Stomach bugs are not fun. I'll keep you in our prayers for good health. Have a good week and I wish you more "hat tricks."

    P.S. Pip's hot chocolate with whipped cream looks so good!

  2. So sorry to hear you have all been unwell, hope you are on the road to recovery now :)

  3. SSS in your title, very clever!

    The sea looks so beautiful. I wish we were closer to it.

    I do hope that by now you are all healthy again. Greetings from a freezing -10 village in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Sorry to hear that you have all been poorly! Hope that you are feeling better today :o) - I love the sea pics!


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