Monday, 18 March 2013

St Patrick

With a bit of last minute organising, we actually managed to celebrate this feast day, my Nanna would have been proud since it is through her that I own my Irish heritage.

We read from this book and with what can only be described as providence, I was able to cobble together these napkins:

May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks,
May your heart be as light as a song,
May each day bring you happy hours
that stay with you all year the long.
We ate lamb stew with crusty herb dumplings and colcannon and no St Paddy's day would be complete without a glass of the brown stuff!

Table set and waiting.
Lamb Stew and Colcannon.
Good Ol' Guinness!


  1. So festive! We didn't do anything special today, especially serving green pea soup (fresh peas)!

    Jonathan went to a St. Patrick's Mass, but Flora has a runny nose, so I didn't go along with the others. We also already celebrated with our parish a week ago.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you!!

  2. Looks like a lovely day - we didn't do anything special - even though he is a Scot - lol. Hope you are enjoying your book - it is lovely xx

  3. hello san,

    what a delicious and warm st. patrick's day meal. it looks wonderful. i love the saying on the napkins. i made an irish american meal: corned beef and cabbage. my mom used to always make it on st. patrick's day, even though we probably didn't have even an ounce of green in our german/italian blood! many people make it here for st. paddy's day, but i'll have to try your lamb stew and dumplings one day. it sounds delicious . .

    i love your new banner. i think it really reflects what your life is about . . what our lives are about! trying to find peace amidst all the hectic personal activities and events in the world . . and i think that's a crochet magazine next to the candle? i began a new project this week with a skein of madelinetosh! it's to be a scarf for chanda's ballet teacher. i'll try to post about it for wednesday.

  4. Love your St Patrick's Day lunch! We had the church Annual Parochial Meeting straight after Mass, so merely dived into a pub after for our lunch, but on a previous year we've attempted an entirely green meal! But I have never actually tried Guinness - does it taste nice? x

  5. Yes it does! Highly recommended!

  6. Oh lovely San! We had colcannon for the first time this week, it was so tasty :) Lots of Irish blood in my family, so we should be celebrating this day each year...I'll get organised next March I'm sure *blush* xx


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