Tuesday, 19 March 2013

From Theory To Practise

This past week Benedict has been working on the human body as part of his science topic; he has looked at the internal workings as well as the foodstuffs needed for healthy growth.  He enjoyed designing his own food pyramid containing some of his favourite foods and thankfully it was a well balanced display, all those "lectures" on healthy eating seem to have paid off!

He was so inspired by last week's study that off his own bat, he worked on a menu plan of some of his favourite meals.  He announced that he would be using some of them when Kathryn has her baby, since he has designs on commandeering her kitchen!  I was then able to use this work as a platform for yesterday's study, which was grading the food groups within each recipe and decide was it a really a healthy choice.

Today he answered the following questions:

1. Name two types of nutrients that we eat that can give us energy.

2. Explain why we need to eat foods containing proteins.

3. Give two reasons why it is important to eat some foods containing fat.

4. Give two reasons why it is important not to eat too much fat.

5. We are often told to eat five helpings of fruits and vegetables each day.   Explain why these foods are necessary. 

He then had responsibility for choosing the lunch menu and making any necessary adaptations to ensure it was a healthier choice so:

Chicken, Leek and Asparagus Pie served with Julienne Carrots, followed by  Peanut Butter Booster Bars were on the menu.

The pie recipe called for a flaky pastry which is high in fat, so we traded this for a simple shortcrust using olive oil based margarine; it also recommended a cream based sauce so we used flour and chicken stock to make our tasty base.

The booster bars contained gluten free oats, cornflakes, mixed fruit, honey, sugar, butter and peanut butter.  The sugar and honey content was reduced and we did keep the butter, figuring that only a small amount would be eaten in one sitting!  The recipe made 18 bars, so there is plenty to share in the next day or so.

Without further ado her is the (young)man of the moment:

Ready for the pan.
Pie Filling.
Waiting for the topping.
Mixing the booster bar mix.
Smiley Pie!
Waiting for the oven.
"Quit snapping Mum, I'm hungry!"


  1. Great cooking, Benedict! You and Veronika both did some food preparations with carrots.

  2. Has Benedict discovered DIY.org? I think he'd like the challenges on there. :)

    1. No he hasn't but i'm going to look right now!

      Thanks x

  3. That looks really great! Well done Benedict :-)


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