Monday, 25 March 2013

Art :: Easter Preparations :: Sickness

Benedict and Pip enjoyed their art lesson on Friday:

Benedict's Shield.
Sir Philippa.
On Saturday, Benedict and I made a start on the Easter Gardens.  I've been wanting to make one of these for the past few years but I've always left it too late.  Thanks to my lovely friend Eva, I managed to glean the necessary information and armed with a picture from my pinterest board, we made a start:

Preparing the base.
Adding the wheat kernels.
Waiting to germinate ~ we still need to make the three crosses to stand at the back and to hopefully make a quick trip to the beach, for our stone at the front of the tomb.  I'm not sure if there'll be any grasses come Easter Sunday, but since Eastertide spans a whole forty days until Penetecost, I'm hopeful something will appear in that time!
Dave was extra busy in the workshop last week making this lovely gift for Pip and Ben (made using a side from one of the packing cases used to deliver workshop machinery!):

His drawing of the Baltic which is an engine he is working on using a CAD design package.  He takes the computer to the coffee shop near Pip's pre-school and works there when she is in her sessions.
They have had enormous fun.  Benedict has invented new designs and Pip has been busy writing her name and other letters.
Dave and I had an interesting date night on Thursday, we braved high winds and a severe weather warning to travel fifty minutes to this place:

Cheerful flower display.
We went to see this nice guy who effectively told us there was no treatment available, neuro protective drugs are not a big money spinner it seems!  We have yet to receive our bill, gulp!!  On the way home we stopped off at a motorway services and treated ourselves to this:

Two decaff lattes and a chelsea bun for Dave.
Still Smiling...
... just!
Pip became unwell late on Friday evening ~ high temperature, headache, flu aching and vomiting.  Homeopathic Belladonna dealt with the temperature and hallucinations and Nux Vomica finally sorted the sickness, late last night.  All we have to deal with now is the  conjuctivitis and loss of appetite!  Despite feeling so unwell she was desperate to make her Easter Garden, so in a five minute spell of being able to sit upright, she made a start:

I also made her a play tray with some of the left over wheat kernels and it provided a suitable distraction for ten minutes:

So here we are at the beginning of Holy Week, today is a much needed cleaning day, there are a few craft based activities I'm hoping we'll manage during the week  and of course the beautiful services at church.  The sun is currently shining and there are howling winds, a good drying day for sure!
Be Blessed x 



  1. If nothing is sprouting over the Easter weekend, you could get yourself some little scrapings of moss to green it up a bit (we always use moss because it works fine last minute!) and little weeds taken from cracks in pavement. :)

  2. I checked my blog and we planted them late last year, on Palm Sunday. Easter morning they had all sprouted. Make sure you keep them well watered with a spray bottle, spray them several times per day!

    So nice you are giving the tomb garden a try. We put a white cloth inside the tomb, behind the stone, as an extra surprise.

    Great shield and blackboard. I do hope that Pip will get over this quickly. Flora's cough is so much better, that should be encouraging to you.

    So sad to hear about the doctor's opinion. I do hope that one day there will be more medical help available.

    Love to all of you,

  3. Hello San,

    I'm sorry about the hospital visit. I know how frustrating and sad and painful it all can be. My aunt battled neuralgia (sp?) and multiple sclerosis for many many years. My love and prayers are with you. In spite of all the struggles and sickness, you have created a beautiful home and Eastertide atmosphere! Have a very good week and enjoy the approach of spring. I'm glad you have sunshine. The art work is fabulous! I love the shields. (and the blackboard is great!) And I can't wait to see pics of the Easter plates. I hope they grow fast!

    With lots of love and a big hug,

  4. Oh dear, I'm glad to read in the post above that the sickness is on the out.
    I'm sorry to hear about your news at the hospital x

    Beautiful shields - really lovely painting and I'm very jealous of your Easter gardens - a Lenten garden was always on my list of Home Ed things to do and it never did come to fruition before Cameron got too old to be interested.


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